Minescape Season 6 Update 2: Fly implings, fly

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd update of season 6!

After allowing ourselves to take a break after massive first update of season six, we're coming back to you with some QoL changes, bug fixes and various other small changes alongside the main part of the update - Implings (part 1/2)!

Summer sale

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Implings (hunter update 2/3)

Following the release of Hunter, players have asked for additional rewards and incentives to train the skill. With this update, we are happy to provide that!

Implings are small creatures that roam the world of Minescape. The creatures have magical ability to teleport, hide and ignore everyone around them, but catching them will be worth your time as the jarred imp can be either sold to other players for profit or you can choose to release the imp from the jar for various rewards.


The rewards are fully skiller aimed, giving various skilling resources like flowers, farming materials, tools, hides, ores and bars, raw fish, and much more!

All rewards have equal chance to roll with the exception of clue scrolls and Onyx.

  • Clue scrolls have 1/64 and 1/50 chance to roll depending on impling tier (e.g. baby implings having 1/64 chance to roll a beginner clue scroll and young implings having 1/50 chance to roll beginner clue scroll).
  • Onyx - a new in-game item has a chance of 1/128 rolling when releasing a dragon impling.

Spawning mechanics

As mentioned previously, implings are magical creatures, that are known to teleport around. These creatures spawn all over the world of Minescape, specifially areas that are open: pathways, empty desert, forests even small open parts of cities with specific implings having regions that they preffer (e.g. baby implings like lumbridge, varrock, edgeville more than canifis, taverley or camelot).

Implings, when caught and released, give hunter and exploration XP and try to stay away from players and hide somewhere high in the skies, but they eventually land somewhere else in the world, meaning if you catch one impling, you should not be waiting for another one in the same spot.

Additionally, there's a set amount of implings that can spawn per timeframe for higher tier implings (e.g. dragon implings spawn once an hour with a random amount).

Minescape Baby Impling

Additional notes

Please note that the item and xp rewards are already based on part 2 of the update (puro puro minigame) releasing later on to save development time and bring better experience for everyone. The impling item rewards are very rewarding to players, especially skillers, and should be rewarding when you stuble upon one in wild. Implings are not meant to kill any other gathering methods.

Please note that if an impling spawns in an x location and is not caught within it's existance timeframe, it will teleport to some other location.

Opening an impling jar without having inventory space will drop that item under you. Make sure to pick it up!

Puro Puro and barehanded catching are features that will be coming with a future update.

Onyx jewellery

A new rare gem has been discovered by Hunters in the world of Minescape - Onyx! This rare gem can currently be obtained by catching and releasing dragon implings or by trading other players.

Minescape Impling jar and Onyx jewellery

The gem can be cut at level 67 crafting, rewarding the player 150 xp in the crafting skill. The cut version of the gem can be used to make 2 new types of jewellery:

  • Onyx amulet
    - When enchanted, the amulet becomes Amulet of Fury, a new best in-slot amulet providing you 15 more armor points and 10% more damage in all combat styles.
  • Onyx ring
    - When enchanted, the ring becomes Ring of Stone, a new ring providing you 3% more damage in all combat styles and infinite teleports to the Grand Exchange. This ring is not meant to replace current best-in-slot combat rings, but add a mid-level player alternative to them.

Bug fixes and QoL changes

Fix a bug there, add a bug there - that's something that happens to any developer unintentionally, but thanks to our players we are able to fix those bugs and add new QoL features:

  • Fixed chins damage - they should now deal increased damage.
  • Fixed chins not working correctly in wilderness multi zones.
  • Fixed some issues with entity hitboxes.
  • Fixed cooked bird texure appearing wrongly.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to attack each other outside wilderness.
  • Fixed tar damage.
  • Fixed a message in tutorial island listing the wrong amount of skills available in-game.
  • Added shiny tool variants.
  • Adding logs to bonfire will now count towards your job.
  • Added runecrafting rune multipliers to the Runecrafting wiki.
Minescape Runecrafting UI with multipliers
  • Boosted Bird nest loot table: removed the iron arrows drop, increased flower drops to 5-25 and increased feather drops to 750-2000.
  • Giant keys are now tradeable.
  • Candies and Orbs are now shown in TAB.
  • Changed catch rate of all hunter mobs multiple times*.
  • Fixed a bug causing entities to not spawn/respawn*.
  • Updated the network to 1.19*.
  • Fixed an issues with instances slowing down the world*.

*Features were already live before this update, we're just noting them down for those that missed it.

The end

GamesLabs Network is looking for Network builders! Network builders are responsible for building new minigames/maps for the GamesLabs network (outside Minescape). If you are interested in the position, join our Discord and message / ping RockTheFlag or Scipio3000 directly.

That's all for our second update of season 6. We are glad you enjoyed our last update and can't wait to hear your feedback about this update!

Thank you all and see you next update.