Minescape Season 6 Update 3 - Motherlode Mine & QoL

Hello everyone and welcome to the 3rd content update of season 6!

This update we're bringing you a mining minigame, cosmetics week, QoL changes and more!

Motherlode mine

Put on your safety helmets and let's head on over to the Dwarven Mine! Miners have discovered a secret wall hiding an ancient mining place of dwarfs. The wall was broken and now players with level 30+ mining are able to enter the area and mine pay-dirt!

Minescape Motherlode Mine

Pay-dirt is an unprocessed piece of ore that can be processed in the middle area of the mine by placing it in a hopper chest and filtering out the dirt in water. Be careful: those giant water cogs can break and may need you to swing your hammer to repair them!

At the end of the line - an ore chest will be keeping your ores safe for you until you're ready to withdraw them. By default the chest will hold 108 ores and gems, but it can be upgraded using golden nuggets to hold 288 ores and gems at once!

Minescape global RNG booster boosts all of the following:

  • Reduced chance for the pay-dirt ore to deplete.
  • Increased chance of getting pay-dirt after successfull mine.
  • Increased chance to get gold nugget & higher tier ores when claiming them from the chest (pay-dirt must be put in the chest during RNG event for the boost to be valid).

Whilst mining you may also obtain some gold nuggets. A local dwarf is very interested in exchanging them for some rewards:

Minescape Percy's Nugget Shop
  • Prospector's helmet (boosts mining xp by 0.4%).
  • Prospector's jacket (boosts mining xp by 0.8%).
  • Prospector's legs (boosts mining xp by 0.6%).
  • Prospector's boots (boosts mining xp by 0.2%).
  • Coal bag (holds up to 27 unnoted coal ores (graphite ore can not be stored in it)).
  • Gem bag (holds up to 54 unnoted gems).
  • Soft clay pack (gives 100 noted soft clay).
  • Bag full of gems (gives 40 random noted gems).
  • Output chest upgrade (upgrades the chest from holding a maximum of 108 to 288 ores).

Wearing the full Prospector's set will give you a 2.5% boost in the mining skill.

Map changes

We've noticed that certain areas of the world of minescape needed a small face-lift, so we've did the following changes:

  • Falador mine now has proper lighting.
  • Random crystals appearing around the map were removed.
  • Cactuses should no longer have cabbages on them.
  • Some boss areas should not have random fruits and vegetables growing around them.
  • Added missing lighting to varrock, taverley, seer's village and other areas.
  • Added Agility Pyramid gold mine.
  • Added interior to the Sorcerer's tower.
  • Added missing bridges next to Castle Wars.

QoL changes & bug fixes

New update - new quality of life improvements & bug fixes:

  • Reduced chat spam when catching hunter animals.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to join Bedrock version of Minescape on certain devices.
  • Fixed an issue where players with french language enabled were not able to see armor names & descriptions.
  • Added missing charterships in various Minescape ports.
Minescape Chartership master

The end

That's all for the 3rd content update of the season!

We are actively recruiting volunteer designers, builders and developers. If you are interested - contact Scipio3000 in our Discord.