Minescape Season 6 update 4 - Dragonfire

Hello everyone and welcome to the 4th content update of season 6!

This update we're bringing you a new Minescape dungeon, bug fixes & QoL changes.

Brimhaven dungeon

Bring a hatchet and wear your anti dragon shields! Our stellar buddies have been mining and exploring Brimhaven region a lot for the past week and they have noticed something huge behind it - a whole new dungeon filled with various monsters, remains of weak warriors and more!

This new dungeon comes with various monsters:

  • Moss giants.
  • Wolfs.
  • Fire giants.
  • Black demons.
  • Greater demons.
  • Black dragons.
  • Red dragons.

Including 4 new dragons:

  • Bronze Dragon.
  • Iron Dragon.
  • Steel Dragon.
  • Adamant Dragon.

These dragons are weak to magic type attacks and are extra strong against ranged & melee type attacks forcing even the strongest warriors to use magic spells to kill them. They drop various combat equipment pieces, skilling resources, new combat equipment and are an alternative way of obtaining some of the current combat equipment:

  • Dragon Plate boots.
  • Dragon metal slice (1/2 parts of dragon platebody (the second part coming out in a later update)).
  • Dragon limbs.
  • Dragon platelegs.
  • Draconic vissage.
  • Dragonstone.

To access the dragons you will need to use various agility shortcuts, avoid lava pools and jump over various obstacles. So make sure to train your agility before entering the cave!

Minescape - Fighting a metal dragon

QoL changes & bugfixes

As with any other update, this update comes with some small bugfixes & QoL changes:

  • RNG boost now boosts odds for better items from Candy Chests.
  • Fixed an issue where certain untradeable items were tradeable.
  • Fixed an issue where items would be lost from rune pouch.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong message being sent upon getting a drop from certain monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with "deposit backpack contents" button not working in the banking interface.
  • Fixed an issue with pay-dirt ore giving full xp upon failing to obtain the ore.
  • Fixed an issue with the motherlode mine output chest not giving gold ore.
  • Fixed various graphical issues.
  • Added a temporary /implings command.
  • Added a new gathering spot for Noilednad in Yanille.
  • Boss pet tokens are now stackable.
  • Added beacon to Brimhaven and it's dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue with players not getting damage when leaving islands using anything other than /leave command or the leave platform.
  • Fixed performance issues on MS-EU0 world for our stellar buddies. They should no longer have issues training skills.
  • Added missing chartership to Catherby.
Minescape Catherby Chartership

The end

That's all for the 4th content update of the season! Thank you to the entire staff team for the effort put into this update! <3

We are actively recruiting volunteer designers, builders and developers. If you are interested - contact Scipio3000 in our Discord.