Minescape - Season 6 Update 5

Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th content update of season 6!

This update we're bringing you a new Minescape mid level boss, bug fixes & QoL changes.


When exploring varrock sewers, several people have noticed an extension to the cave with strong gate protecting them from something strong. That something is a new Minescape boss - Bryophyta.

Minescape Bryophyta

This mid level boss comes with a new BIS staff for mid-level wizzards and some other small useful drops.

Minescape player holding Bryophyta's staff

Together with the boss, moss giants got a graphical rework:

QoL changes & bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue making monster defence levels not matter in fights.
  • Fixed an issue with certain monsters displaying wrong droprates visually.
  • Fixed an issue with Stellar Buddies freezing mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue with Chicken Boss spawning minions too oftenly. They were removed to overall improve the boss experience.
  • Fixed several building issues (missing light / blocks / gathering resources).
  • Fixed an issue allowing UIM to note pay-dirt.
  • Fixed an issue causing Stellar Buddies to use wrong tools / weapons to do certain activities.

The end

That's all for the 5th content update of the season!

We are actively recruiting volunteer designers, builders and developers. If you are interested - contact Scipio3000 in our Discord.