Minescape Season 6 Update 6

Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th content update of season 6!

This update we're bringing you a re-balance to the herblore skill, bugfixes & QoL changes.

Herblore rebalance

We have noticed multiple times that making lower level potions is not worth it: they give barely any experience points, don't provide big enough benefit for a player to grind the resources for them. Today that changes:

  • We have changed level requirement to make super ranged potions and normal hunter potions.
  • We have changed xp rates for super, extreme and better potions: some got slight nerf, some got boosted. Overall this change should make herblore training up  to level 80 in-line with other skills and help players get benefits from training the skill earlier in the game.
  • We have changed the Fire resistance potion recipe to be in-line with other potions.
Minescape Herblore flowers

QoL changes & bug fixes

  • Fixed an error causing certain clue scroll steps to take wrong answer as the correct one.
  • Added missing chest at the Dragonspire.
  • Added missing lemon plants to Catherby.
  • Rebalanced herblore skill.
  • Fixed ironman resourcepack being not up-to-date.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items would not appear in /items.
  • Fixed an issue with mole not re-spawning.
  • Fixed Runecrafting skill guide to correctly show the multipliers.
  • Improved back-end services to have smoother user performance.
  • Added /cape defence command for the defence skillcape.
  • Removed falador barber store teleport to Entrana. Teleport to Entrana can now be found at any Chartership Master.
  • Removed Falador & Port-Sarim teleport NPCs from Entrana. They were replaced with the Chartership Master.
Minescape Entrana Chartership Master

The end

That's all for the 6th content update of the season!

We are actively recruiting volunteer designers, builders and developers. If you are interested - contact Scipio3000 in our Discord.