Some actions may not fall neatly within these rules however GamesLabs Staff reserve the right to make a judgement on a case by case basis and act accordingly.

  1. Using any third party software to get an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden, unless explicitly allowed by a staff member of rank Administrator or higher.
    a. The use of hacked clients will result in a permanent ban of the player’s minecraft account.
    b. Use of AFK clickers, macros or bots will result in a full reset of the progress of the player and a ban.
    c. Earning XP whilst being AFK will result in a full reset of the progress of the player and a ban. Players need to be able to respond to Staff checks. Staff checks include whenever a member of staff is trying to contact you in-game via /msg or by standing in front of you to grab your attention.

  2. Be respectful to all members of the community. This includes fellow players and staff.
    a. Doxxing is strictly prohibited. The release of any personal information of any player without their discretion may result in a permanent ban
    b. Respect is open for interpretation by the staff team. Never can staff members be targeted by disrespectful acts
    c. Any form of discrimination towards a group of people or person will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    d. The scope of disrespect is not limited to the services provided by Gameslabs. Disrespect towards any person outside of our known services with proof (screenshots, chat logs) will still be valid for punishment.
       e. Any form of bullying, bating or actions that directly hurt the community is prohibited and may result in a permanent ban (First a warning, then a temp-ban and then third a permanent ban). If you are not sure if a given action deteriorates the community, feel free to ask a staff member for more information.
    f. Minescape has /ignore <username> command that can and should be used to ignore players in cases, where there's no direct bullying, but you feel uncomfortable with senders messages.

  3. Defamation or deprecation of GamesLabs  will result in the direct removal of all of our services (blacklist). This includes the following actions:
    a. Posting any form of press release with a negative description of GamesLabs without proper argumentation and or the use of false information.
    b. Influencing any group of people by sharing false information or continuously speaking negatively about GamesLabs without proper reasoning.

  4. Abuse of game mechanics is not allowed. The game can contain bugs or unintended features, but when the bug/feature is being abused intentionally, this will result in a full reset of your profile or even possibly, a ban. This includes:
    a. Using any bug to increase the worth of your profile.
    b. Using glitches to gain advantages over other players.
    c. Safespotting entities is forbidden: You are not allowed to be able to attack a mob without them being able to attack you back. (One of our reasons for this being that we want our combat to be interactive. As an alternative, you are able to kite our mobs.)
    d. Abuse of any game mechanic after it was mentioned as broken in a publication by Gameslabs on discord, our website, or in-game.
       e. You may not stand AFK at resources/NPCs to block players. You also may not bypass the AFK kicker.
    f. Use of minimap mods with entity and / or player tracking on is strictly prohibited.

  5. Attempting to break the security of Gameslabs in any way will result in the direct removal of all of our services (blacklist). This includes, but is not limited to:
    a. DDOS attacks/Threats.
    b. Attempting to find out passwords of accounts you do not own.
    c. Decompiling any software provided by Gameslabs.

  6. Scamming, misleading or manipulating other players is not allowed.
    a. Manipulating players into giving you items or value or manipulating players by giving items or value is not allowed. When there is malicious intent to manipulate a player for personal gain.
    b. Misleading a player so they get a disadvantage or you get an advantage. Example: luring a player into the wilderness with malicious intent.
    c.  A scam is when a player convinces another player that any item is of unrealistic value. The victim loses value, either by paying real life money or any in game item of value.
    d.  Luring of any kind whether Player vs Player or Player vs Monster is a punishable offence which may result in a ban.

  7. Spamming the chat, cursing and other messages which can bring uncomfort to other players will result in a mute.
    a. Sending repetitive messages in a short amount of time is considered spamming.
    b. Use of profanities is to be determined by the attending staff member.
    c. The length of the mute is determined based on the severity of the infraction.

  8. Advertising in any GamesLabs platform is not allowed, this can result in a mute/ban.
    a. Sending messages that contain the content of external competitive content is not allowed E.g.(Minecraft servers, Discord servers that are not personal etc.)
    b. The length of the punishment depends on the intent and severity of the infraction.

  9. Real-world trading or analogs of the act are not allowed. This will always result in a permanent ban.
    a. Manipulation of the economy via real-life funds or crypto-currency.
    b. Money Pools are allowed but are at your OWN risk.
    c. Trading any items or objects of conceived value are considered currency

  10. The use of alternative accounts without the permission of admin+ is not allowed.
    a. The reason that we do not allow this is because of the unfair advantage that it can grant some players as they can run multiple accounts at once.
  11. Staff members will not be issuing any item refunds in Minescape if the item is lost for any of the following reasons:
    a. Item(s) lost due to dropping them (accidental or not).
    b. Item(s) lost due to disconnection from the network (loss of power, internet ect.).
    c. Item(s) lost to any other ways that are not considered as in-game bugs (in-game bugs are defined as features of the game that are working in non-intended way as said by leads & development team of the network).
    d. Item(s) lost in the wilderness.
    e. Item(s) lost due to borrowing them to other players (this applies even when the player get's banned)