Season 9 Update 1 - QoL/Balance/Bug fixes

Hello everyone and welcome to the first update of Season 9.

This update implements various suggestions posted on our Discord server and brings QoL changes, gameplay balance, bug fixes, and several map changes/fixes!

QoL changes

  • Dialogues: If a new player does not choose an option in a multiple-option dialogue within 10/15 seconds, a reminder message to press T and click with the mouse will be sent. This applies to players with playtime under 10 hours.
  • Resource Gathering Blacklist: Made the blacklist work on resource gathering (e.g., stone) through an in-game setting.
Minescape Settings
  • Hunter Blacklist: The blacklist now works for hunter (e.g., bones on ferret).
  • Exploration: Balance job weights. You will now be getting jobs closer to your levels.
  • Drop List UI: Added an extra drop list UI. If there are more than 15 drops, "..." will be displayed. Clicking on the monster icon will open the full list of drops.
  • Drop Rarities: Added a star system to better indicate drop rarities for legendary and ultimate brackets.
Minescape Drop Table
  • /drops: Made /drops messages color-coded.
  • /collectionlog: Added the /collectionlog command.
  • /self: Added the /self command to provide player information in JSON format (useful for 3rd party mods).

Gameplay balance/tweaks

  • Thieving Stalls: Added random locations for thieving stalls. A new location is asigned every 5 minutes. Buffed overall XP gained through stalls.
Minescape Thieving Stall
  • Hunter mobs: Reduced hunter mobs HP from 300 to 100.
  • Ironman Shops: Ironman shops are no longer being shared.
  • Dragonfire Resistance: Becoming wet (either from the Trident's special or from jumping in water) now grants dragonfire resistance.
  • Adamant/Rune Dragons: Rebalanced their stats and drops accordingly.
  • UI Actions: Opening UI (e.g., bank) will now stop skilling actions.
  • Stock stores: Increased overall stock.

Bug fixes

  • RSP: Addressed lag issues when loading RSP by implementing a slight delay.
  • Demon Slayer: Fixed the issue with the quest not updating when collecting three keys.
  • Green Dragons: Wilderness Green dragons have been added back to the game.
  • Sounds: Fixed sound issues on version 1.20.6 and above.
  • Dragon Pickaxe: The special attack no longer works on flowers/logs.
  • Max Cape: Fixed the glitch associated with the max cape.
  • Agility Master: Corrected the directional issue in the Agility Master's dialogue in Al-Kharid.
  • Ore Bag: Fixed the issue where smelting addy or runite ores with the ore bag consumed too many graphite ores.
  • /jobs: Fixed /jobs command  not opening the job UI.
  • Hunter Cages: You can no longer kill trapped animals.
  • Runecrafting Necklaces: Fixed the issue with runecrafting necklaces where charges were being consumed inconsistently.
  • Wrath runes: Added missing wrath runes to the skill UI.
Minescape Runecrafting

Map updates

  • Floating Grass and Flowers: Fixed the floating grass and flowers in the north end of Feldip Hills.
  • Terrain Smoothing: General terrain smoothing to remove misplaced/dissimilar blocks in various places and small 1x1 gaps in ground surfaces.
  • Light Sources and Air Pockets: Removed potential render issue-causing light sources, empty pockets of air in the terrain, and isolated or active liquid sources and 1x1 water-filled trench lengths in the Lumbridge, Draynor, and Port Sarim/Rimmington areas.
  • Seafloor Smoothing: Smoothed out the seafloor inside the Port Sarim and adjacent ocean areas.
  • Barrier Blocks: Removed excess barrier blocks from south Karamja and the green dragon area of Taverley Dungeon to improve client-side performance for less powerful PCs. Added an aesthetically matching wall feature to balance accessibility and performance.
  • Tree Fix: Removed one leaf block from a tree next to the Lumbridge beacon to prevent players from getting stuck inside the tree.
  • Entrana Shoreline: Smoothed out and built up the length of Entrana's shoreline to match more evenly with the surrounding seabed.
  • Beach South of Port Sarim: Shored up the free-floating sand blocks underneath the beach south of Port Sarim to avoid accidental collapse.
  • Water Source Blocks: Removed over 60k loose/excessive water source blocks outside of accessible map geometry spaces around the Ice Caves.
  • Seabed Layering: Added over 150k dirt blocks to the seabed in the northwest regions of the map to even out its appearance from the adjacent shorelines.

Staff applications

GamesLabs is actively accepting Staff Applications! We are looking for players passionate about contributing to the GamesLabs Network, Minescape, and other exciting projects. We are specifically looking for players to assist on the following teams:

  • Build team: Responsible for bringing the Network to life! Builds include Minescape Points of Interest, Minigames, Network Lobby, Convention Booths, etc. Previous build experience is helpful and preferred.
  • Asset design team: Seeking digital artists to create monster/item models, new UIs, icons, and more! Experience in all these fields is not necessary!

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our website at the following link:

We look forward to reviewing your applications!

The end

That's all for the first update of the ninth season. Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!