Minescape Season 4 update

The time has come for a new chapter in the story of the network.
Minescape was first released in 2012. Back then servers were unable to send resourcepacks and our goal was to create a very simple RPG with some Runescape aspects. The game, at the time, wasn't even running on a map shaped as Gielinor (Runescape's map).

It took us a few months to convince Podcrash, creators of our initial Minescape/Gielinor map, to work with us on this immense project (Our partnership ended in 2014).
In early 2013, we released V1.2 of Minescape on Podcrash's map (We bought full rights to the map).

The first lobby of the GamesLabs network with Minescape released on Podcrash's map and Super MineKart's lobby being built. - 2013

Releases after releases, we have re-coded, re-worked, Minescape into many, different, versions. From V1, to V3, to Minescape Classic to this version of Minescape, hosted on the GamesLabs network and released in August 2019.
Our goals with Minescape have always been to mix the best of both Minecraft and Runescape and to provide players a refreshing experience whilst keeping a sense of creative freedom.

In 2021, we present you one of our biggest update so far. These patch notes will guide you through the different features of this update. This update is mainly focused on expanding the scope of the GamesLabs Network and Minescape itself.
Here is a brief summary of all the changes that Season 4 brings to the project. Each point will be detailed below.

  1. Full main continent release With more than 85 newly added Points Of Interests, this is our biggest land update so far. This update lays down all the groundwork required for our incoming weekly, or bi-weekly, updates.
  2. Minecraft Bedrock edition Our most awaited update. This updated was planned years and years ago. We are proud to announce that you will be able to play Minescape on your phone, tablet, console... This crossplay support unlocks more potential to the entire GamesLabs Network.
  3. Minescape Leagues Season 1 Another update that has been in the plan for a long time. Minescape Leagues is a new seasonal game-mode that comes with x10 faster XP, better loots, ironman modes, and league specific tasks.
  4. Full monster drops rework + Rare Drop Table This rework has been suggested many times, and we are finally releasing its implementation.
  5. Winter event We are releasing a winter event/mini-game for you to enjoy.
  6. New items and entities We've added a new armor set, new slayer items, and new jewelry to the game.
  7. Various Quality of Life changes and bug fixes And last but not least, we have fixed a lot of bugs and enhanced the overall gameplay quality.

1. Continent update

Our main goal with the upcoming weekly updates of season 4 is to bring life to the rest of the Minescape world.
With the release of Season 4, we have doubled our landmass. Here is an overlay difference of Season 3's and Season 4's map.

The new Minescape map. In black the already existing portions of the map.

Quests, dungeons, and new items will be released in weekly, or bi-weekly, updates.
On your journey through season 4, you will unlock new teleports to constructed cities.
Whilst this map update doesn't come with all its unlocked features, it brings utility blocks, banks, transportation, and resources to the new landmasses.
During season 4 and onwards, the world will slowly come alive. Constructions workers have been spotted across the map in various Points of Interests.

A construction worker in East Arougne

Tutorial Island

We have completely revamped the Tutorial Island! We took in consideration the various feedback we received from players playing through the tutorial island and removed the steps making some players confused.
We are also working on an alternative tutorial quest that may be released next season.

Morytania and Mos Le'harmless

We have completed the land on the east side of Morytania (2 new exploration beacons have been added).
After the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest (the quest lock will be replaced by another one in a weekly update), players can talk to Bill Teach to sail to Mos Le'harmless, an island located south of Morytania.

Mos Le'harmless contains a cave filled with Cave Horrors, a new slayer monster dropping Black Masks (explained further down, in the slayer section)

The desert

Slowly, but surely, the desert is coming alive. The desert is a dangerous biome for the unprepared (3 exploration beacons are present in the desert).
Desert heat will drain your stamina and prayer points if you are not wearing heat resistance armor or buffer (except in Points of Interests). You will be damaged if your stamina falls down to zero.
You can drink heat resistance potions that last 20 minutes (more information down below) or beers that protect you for 30 seconds (non-stackable).

Desert Mining Camp
This camp contains a few ores and is the first camp you will encounter if you are following the main road to the Desert.

This is one of the main towns of the Desert. It contains a prayer altar, a bar, an estate agent, a beacon, and a construction island portal.

The Agility Pyramid
This Pyramid will test your overall parkour skills. It contains several traps and grants 1,500 Agility XP and 150 coins on completion.
This course can be done by most people but takes a bit of time to complete.

New mines, camps, and towns under construction
Several mines have been scattered in the Desert. Nardah, Ruins of Uzer, the Pyramid, the Bandit and Bedabin camps and Sophanem/Menaphos are currently being built by the Minescape Construction Workers.


What's the best location to kill snakes?

You name it! Karamja!
Karamja has received a full land rework and you may explore its different towns and monsters.

A few months ago, the Brimhaven Agility Training Facility was released.
"But where is Brimhaven?", players asked.
Minescape Construction workers have been assigned to the task and are working on building the town!
On a side note, a new salesman has been spotted. Rumors (that will be confirmed below..) have it that he's trading agility equipment for agility tickets.

Tai Bwo Wannai and Shilo Village
These two towns are also being built and contain 2 exploration beacons, a mine, a smith, a bank, snakes, karambwans , and turtlos!
You may not deforest the island, yet... Jungle trees will be active in a planned weekly update.

On a small note, Musa Point has been renamed (previously named Karamja).

Ice mountains

We've completed the biome between Trollheim and the Wilderness. While we are not, yet, releasing the God Wars Dungeon, the main Trollheim path now leads to the Dragonspire.

Trollweiss Mountai, Ice Path and Weiss
These 3 new POIs all form together the main snowy biome of Minescape.

The Wilderness

Our last major land update brought life to the Wilderness. We've added names to its various locations to make directions easier.

The Fountain of Rune has been added to deep wilderness. Equipping dragonstone jewelry and visiting the fountain will replenish your jewelry.
It provides additionnal charges compared to the fountain of heroes.

The Heroes guild

Underneath the Heroes guild lies a secret fountain, the fountain of heroes. This fountain can recharge the Amulet of Glory. While the guild itself isn't open to the public, you may spot Hyreik that will help you get inside for 10,000gp.

Fremennik Isles

Upon completion of the Dragon Slayer Quest (the quest lock will be replaced by another one in a weekly update), players may talk to Yourek in Rellekka to sail to Neitiznot, one of the Fremennik Isles.
The different isles contain various mines, guarded by Ice trolls.

A bir eye view of the Minescape Fremennik Isles

This isle contains Yaks, a bank, a furnace, a tanner, a general store, and an 85 agility shortcut leading to Jatizso.

This isle contains a mine, anvils, a bank and several fishing spots.

Waterbirth island

Upon completion of the Dragon Slayer Quest (the quest lock will be replaced by another one in a weekly update), players may talk to Jarvald, in Rellekka, to sail to the Waterbirth Island.
The island's dungeon is currently closed but will be opened in several weeks...

Western land

For the sake of keeping these patch-notes short, we will not list all the different POIs that have been added. Instead, here are various screenshots of some of the most iconic places included in this 1600 x 2700 blocks landmass.
On your exploration journey, you will find various exploration beacons, resources, shops, utilities, banks, stores, and entities. Feel free to roam around the immense world of Minescape.

This concludes the details of our biggest land update, so far.
The Minescape map has almost doubled in size. It is now, 5000 x 3000 blocks (including water). (Great Kourend when?!)

2. Full Bedrock Support

We have received an uncountable amount of messages about people asking if they could join using the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Even worse, we've received messages from people buying the wrong Minecraft version to play Minescape.
Minecraft Bedrock Edition contains half of Minecraft's total player base.
As mentioned previously, years ago, when we started working on the new GamesLabs Network, releasing support to potential other voxel based games was part of the plan.

The Bedrock Game Selector

Whilst you may find a few visual issues, the game should be totally playable on all bedrock supported devices. This includes: Windows 10, Android/IOS, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch devices.
This transition took us a fair amount of work, we had to convert all the User Interfaces, make gameplay tweaks and convert the different assets to the Bedrock edition. Over 500 3d entities (from monsters to furniture blocks), thousands of items/textures and dozens of interfaces were converted to the Bedrock Edition.

We consider this change vital to the expansion of the GamesLabs Network. Whilst we will always keep Minescape updates coming, we are planning on unleashing our full potential in the up-coming seasons. (This is all part of a bigger plan....)

The main interfaces

Minecraft Bedrock Edition comes with several limitations we had to work around when it comes to Minescape, and the network in general.
For instance, all our user interfaces use containers/inventories. This is sadly not something that is user-friendly on console and mobile versions.

Thankfully, Bedrock allows us to use in-game windows/popups/modals.
Here are a few examples of the different User Interface changes.

Ease of Acccess menu

Minescape contains various commands or shortcuts to open certain interfaces. Typing a command on your computer may appear simple, but typing it on a console is something completely different.
To remedy to this physical limitation, we have added an "Ease of Access" menu. Players can select the last slot of their inventory and click to open a menu containing various shortcuts. This menu grants access the skilling guide, their quests, their combat settings and much more.

Minescape Ease Of Access Menu on Bedrock

Minescape combat on consoles

Another issue we encountered was the absence of right-clicking on most devices.
On the Java edition, players can keep right-clicking to combat enemies. With the absence of this control we had to enable automatic combat for all bedrock devices. This change doesn't provide any unfair advantage and is only triggered in these circumstances:
1. The player must not switch weapons
2. The player must be looking at the entity

Inventory management

Inventory management on consoles/mobiles is a lot harder than the Java Edition. This is why we have changed the way Bedrock players interact with food and potions. Whilst eating or drinking, the game will try to consume items that are present in the upper part of the player's inventory. This shouldn't provide an un-fair advantage (in case it does, we will make PvP platform based).

Bedrock Entities

On the bright side, Minecraft Bedrock Edition allows for better entity models.
For example, this is how the King black dragon and lesser demons look like on Bedrock.

Account management

Depending on the demand, we will enable account linking in the first few weekly updates.
You can join the network with any Xbox/Microsoft account. You simply need to enter the IP of the server and its default port: play.gameslabs.net on port 19132.

The current limitations

We have disabled several cosmetic effects on Bedrock.
The next few updates will bring 3d helmets to the network. As of right now, helmets and masks do not appear on the player. They do provide their usual bonuses.


We have also enabled crossplay. This means that you can directly play with bedrock players, on the same instance.
Username with a Minecraft Bedrock Block next to them are players logging-in using the Bedrock Edition (appears as a star in the player list).

Friendly warning, read the next sentence very slowly.

Minescape will be the first fully featured Minecraft Bedrock Edition MMORPG.

How cool is that?!

Now, let's move on to something that may change the future of Minescape.

3. Minescape Leagues, season I

The original plan was to release a new Minescape Gamemode at the start of Season 3. Minescape Leagues has been in our minds for more than a year and now is the time we release its first season, season I.

Video edited by Lord JellyBeanz

The Game mode

Minescape Leagues is a seasonal mode that resets every season. Our goals with this game mode is to reach a wider Minecraft audience and bring a refreshing Minescape experience every season. Whilst this league season is fairly simple, future ones may change the gameplay more by shaping each season with a unique mechanic.

The new Game Selector on Minecraft Java

Direct player trading is disabled on leagues (Grand Exchange is available to all non ironman players).

This game mode is meant to be played by both casual and competitive players. Casuals will enjoy the fast XP rates and drops while competitive players will fight for the league leaderboard.

The game mode has a slightly different Experience (XP) chart and has an overall X10 XP boost. Early levels are X10 and end-game levels are about X7 faster.

Minescape League comes with increased drop rates and casket rates. We expect some of you to obtain 3rd age items...

It also comes with 3 possible ironman modes:
1. Normal ironman (no GE)
2. Ultimate ironman (ironman + no banking)
3. Hardcore ironman (ironman + 1 life only -> becomes ironman on death)

The Cave Of Ordeals is enabled for ironman players. However, be careful as dying there as a hardcore ironman will revoke your status.

Minescape leagues' tutorial island

The rewards

After each season of Minescape Leagues, unique cosmetics will be given, per profile, in the main Minescape Game. The main criteria to obtain these cosmetics will be league points and podium rankings (top players will obtain more rewards than others).

League specific tasks

Completing league tasks will award the player league points. These points form the most basic Minescape League leaderboard.

Tasks are divided into 5 tiers. There are two types of tasks. Some are simple tasks and some are master tasks. Master tasks contain various sub-tasks, each of them rewarding the player with a bit of points.

Easy tier

This tier contains 9 tasks, for a total of 116 points.

Master tasks

Task Amount of sub-tasks League points per sub-task Total points
Reach a total level of 250,500, and 750 3 5 15
Reach a minimum level of 20 across all your skills 23 1 23
Complete 10, 25, and 50 slayer tasks 3 4 12
Open 10 beginner, 10 easy and 1 medium clue caskets 4 4 16

Simple tasks

Task Total points
Claim all the rewards of the Security Stronghold 10
Use Ashes to burn an Imbued bone 10
Take part in one defeat of the Giant Mole 10
Complete 3 quests 10
Reach level 80 in one skill 10

Medium tier

This tier is locked behind 60 league points.
This tier contains 7 tasks for a total of 609 points.

Master tasks

Task Amount of sub-tasks League points per sub-task Total points
Reach a total level of 1000 and 1250 2 25 50
Reach a minimum level of 40 across all your skills 23 3 69
Reach a minimum level of 60 across all your skills 23 5 115
Open 100 easy, 50 medium, 10 hard and 1 elite clue caskets 9 25 225

Simple tasks

Task Total points
Complete 150 slayer tasks 50
Finish the Dragon Slayer quest 50
Enter the cooking guild 50

Hard tier

This tier is locked behind 350 league points.
This tier contains 10 tasks for a total of 1155 points.

Master tasks

Task Amount of sub-tasks League points per sub-task Total points
Reach a total level of 1500 and 1750 2 50 100
Reach a minimum level of 75 across all your skills 23 10 230
Complete 200, 300, 400, and 500 slayer tasks 4 25 100
Open 50 hard, 25 elite and 1 master clue caskets 5 25 125

Simple tasks

Task Total points
Smith a rune scimitar 100
Equip a full set of rune plate armour 100
Craft a golden prayer scepter 100
Complete 30 waves of Cave Of Ordeals 100
Finish 8 different agility courses 100
Brew a god potion 100

Elite tier

This tier is locked behind 900 league points.
This tier contains 10 tasks for a total of 3450 points.

Master tasks

Task Amount of sub-tasks League points per sub-task Total points
Reach a minimum level of 90 across all your skills 23 25 575
Complete 1000, 1500, and 2000 slayer tasks 3 75 225
Open 500 easy, 250 hard, 250 elite and 50 master clue caskets 9 100 900

Simple tasks

Task Total points
Reach a total level of 2000 250
Defeat every boss once 250
Obtain an abyssal whip from an abyssal demon 250
Obtain the dragon defender 250
Loot the Barrows chest 40 times 250
Complete 50 waves of Cave Of Ordeals 250
Obtain a legendary of ultimate drop 250

Master tier

This tier is locked behind 3500 league points.
This tier contains 8 tasks for a total of 6450 points.

Master tasks

Task Amount of sub-tasks League points per sub-task Total points
Gain 30 Milion XP in all your skills 23 50 1150
Gain 50 Milion XP in all your skills 23 50 1150
Gain 1000 Milion XP in all your skills 23 50 1150
Open 500 elite and master clue caskets 4 250 1000

Simple tasks

Task Total points
Reach a total level of 2277 500
Obtain level 120 in one skill 500
Complete 21 quests 500
Kill 1000 bosses 500

Total tasks

There are a total of 44 league tasks for a total of 11780 points.

Bedrock support

This mode can also be played on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and league tasks can be accessed in the Ease Of Access menu.

4. Monster rework + R.D.T.

This new season of Minescape brings a complete rework of Monster drops, especially boss and slayer monster drops.

We have re-worked the monster combat level calculation to use an adjusted combat formula. The new formula is very close to the one used for player combat levels and should give the players a better understanding of a monster's overall power.

A Rare Drop Table has been added to the game and is available on all monsters with a combat level higher or equals to 50.
Here is the list of items contained in the Rare Drop Table:

Item Minimum amount Maximum amount
Noted rune essence 420 420
Noted coal 150 200
Noted ashes 80 120
Uncut dragonstone 2 2
Noted elder log 50 50
Noted talupia crimson 100 200
Noted talupia blancus 100 200
Noted talupia tangui 100 200
Noted rune ores 25 40
Dragon arrows 200 300
Rune arrows 300 400
Dragon bolts 200 300
Noted cooked shark 100 150
Dragon chain helmet 1 1

More items may be added to the R.D.T. in the near future.

The boss and slayer drop table changes can be accessed in the monster drop table menu. Here are a few notable changes.

Minescape R.D.T. milestone message

5. Winter event

Ah, the long waited winter event.

This event was supposed to take place during the Christmas holidays. Sadly, we had to change our release planning due to many different reasons.

Mrs Claus has been spotted around the major cities of Minescape. She is waiting for you and and is ready to magically teleport you to the North Pole.

Mrs Claus waiting for players in the Grand Exchange

"Ho, ho, ho", says Mr Claus. A bit late to his party, Mr claus is here with us to celebrate the winter season and the kick-start of our season 4 update.

The Christmas tree near Mr Claus contains an agility course with a special reward at the end. Make sure to give it a try to obtain a unique seasonal item!

The North Pole also contains a snowball fighting area. Talk to the ice imp to obtain snowballs. Keep in mind that you may only throw snowballs in the snowball fight area!

6. New items and entities

This new update comes with various new items and entities.

Slayer items

As previously stated, Mos Le'harmless contains a cave filled with Cave Horrors. These creatures have a very rare chance of dropping black masks.

Black mask, level 15 defence

The black mask, a tradable item, provides a 15% melee boost against all monsters on the player's slayer tasks. It requires 15 defence to wear and provides 10 melee, 8 magic and 13 ranged armor points.

Spiny helmet, level 5 defence

Spiny helmets can be bought at any slayer shop for 150 slayer points. They require level 5 defence and provide 20 armor points against all monsters on the player's slayer tasks. This item is untradable.

Face mask, level 10 slayer

Face masks can be bought at any slayer shop for 50 slayer points and will protect you from viral diseases in the world of Minescape. This item is untradable.

Ear muffs, level 20 slayer

Ear muffs can be bought at any slayer shop for 50 slayer points. They provide 100 armor points against banshees. This item is untradable.

Nose peg, level 60 slayer

Nose pegs can be bought at any slayer shop for 250 slayer points. They provide 50 armor points against all monsters on the player's slayer tasks. This item is untradable.

Slayer helmet, level 15 defence, 60 slayer and 55 crafting

The slayer helmet can be crafted using a black mask, a face mask, ear muffs and a nose peg. Simply click with a black mask and the required item on a crafting table to craft a slayer helmet.
The slayer helmet provides a 15% melee boost,  70 armor points against monsters on the player's slayer tasks and 100 armor points against banshees (instead of 70). This item is untradable.

Agility items

An agility shop has opened its doors on Brimhaven. This shop currently sells 4 different non-tradable items.

Minescape Agility Shop and items

Agility orb, 300 agility tickets

The agility orb acts as a shortcut for the /cp command. Click with this item in your hand to be teleported to your latest checkpoint.

Agility chaps and body, 500 tickets each

The agility chaps and body provide a heat resistance effect. You only need to wear one piece to have this effect active.

Agility boots, 1000 tickets

The agility boots provides high resistance to fall damage. Wearing these boots will grant you fall damage immunity.

Heat resistance potion

Players can now harvest cactus at level 40 herblore. Heat resistance potions can be created at level 50 herblore using cactus, and the three starter flowers. This potion awards the player 60 herblore XP.
The heat resistance potion gives a 20 minutes heat immunity.

Dragonstone jewelry

With the release of the Rare Drop Table, Dragonstone gems have been released to the game. They can be cut using a chisel at level 55 crafting for 105 XP.

Minescape Dragonstone items

Level 5 enchant

A new level 5 enchant spell has been released. It can enchant dragonstone jewelry at level 68 for 1 cosmic rune and 15 earth and water runes.

Ring of wealth

The ring of wealth, made from a cut dragonstone, doubles the odds of hitting the R.D.T. and comes with 5 charges.

Skills necklace

The skills necklace, made from a cut dragonstone, allows the player to teleport to the various guilds of Minescape. It contains 8 charges and will degrade to dust when all its charges are emptied.

Amulet of Glory

The amulet of glory, made from cut dragonstone, provides 8% more damage and 12 armor points in all combat styles. It also contains 4 teleport charges that can be used to teleport to the Heroes guild.

Yak Hide and Armor

Yak leather is a new type of Minescape leather. It can be transformed to Cured Yak Hide by Neitiznot's tanner for 5 gp each and level 20 in the crafting skill. Tanning a yak hide will also grant the player 5 crafting XP.

Yak hide chaps and body, level 20 defence

These two armor pieces are ranged armor pieces and provide as many armor points as green d'hide (level 40 ranged armor).

New entities

This new update comes with new entities and as well as new entity skins.


Yaks are animals that can be found on Neitiznot. They always drop yak hides and are level 20 combat.

Minescape Yaks


Banshees have received a new look!

Minescape banshee


Scorpions have received a new look as well! (They are from the asset bundle we bought from Cookiesnom a while back)

Minescape scorpion

Fire giants

Fire giants are no longer Minecraft iron golems.

Minescape fire giant

Ice giants

Same for ice giants.

Minescape ice giant

Ice trolls

Ice trolls are new monsters that can be found on the Fremennik Isles. They are level 92 combat.

Minescape Ice troll

Construction workers

Constructions workers can be found in the various towns and cities being built on the immense world of Minescape. Construction workers drop various building blocks and are level 35 combat.

7. QoL changes and bug fixes

This season 4 updates comes with various Quality of Life changes and bug fixes.

Inventory management

Our latest bank update removed a very useful feature: the custom withdraw. We've added back this feature and it works in your selected bank tab.
We've also added a way to empty your backpack and a way to sort your current tab. Keep in mind that tab sorting is purely visual. This means that disabling the automatic sorting will show the items in their initial order.

Minescape Bank Interface

We have also changed the way items are consumed. They're now consumed from top left to bottom, in your inventory. Players can now hold a bone in their first slot and have their entire inventory of bones buried.

Right clicking on a backpack or a rune pouch in your inventory will open it.

The item inbox also received a change. You can now shift click items out of it.

Item black-list

The black-list's capacity has been increased from 30 to 50 items. Thieving items from NPCs now go through your item black-list.

In-game map

We have added the in-game map back in the game. It can be purchased at general stores and will show the various points of interests across the map.

Minescape in-game map

Item and mob tweaks

Here is the list of the different item tweaks applied in this season 4 update :

  • Shears now work on flowers for faster gathering.
  • Boss souls are now stackable.
  • Karil's crossbow now deals more damage.
  • Salads have been fixed and now provide a 8% RNG enhancer on clue caskets.
  • Increased the loot potential of crypt mobs in Barrows

New commands

We've added new commands to Minescape to make it easier for players to do certain actions :

  • /clues to check completed clues
  • /hop to quickly switch instances
  • /pc as a shorthand for /party chat

Message and UI enhancements

Here is the list of the different User Interface enhancements :

  • Added first time visit message to beacons
  • Added a message to home teleport when on cooldown
  • Overall better display for item names in messages
  • Sorted the music list alphabetically
  • Upon instance join, players are notified about pending friend requests
  • Added the :rock: emoji in-game

Bug fixes

Season 4 comes with various bug fixes and performance improvements :

  • Toast messages/advancements no longer make players lag
  • Fixed an edge case causing swimming falling loops
  • Fixed salads giving negative RNG buffers on caskets
  • Fixed fires being able to be lit on water when left clicking
  • Fixed several hit-boxes issues
  • Fixed agility checkpoints not saving the player's orientation
  • Fixed several framework bugs and improved its overall performance

This is the end

This is the end.
Hold your breath and count to ten.

We have tried our best to keep these patch-notes short whilst still listing the different changes that made this update, our biggest update so far...

We would like to thank all the members of our staff team for their amazing work. Special thanks to Boobtit, Derp Spirit, ETK2000, Joey, Kev The Gamer, Leedly, Lord JellyBeanz, Mats, Nerd Josh, RockTheFlag, Twisted Darky, and our og testers oketrasH, Maugrim, and someguyisraging.

The update will be released soon. Make sure to join our Discord to stay up to date on our different updates and release times.