Minescape S3P3 - Spooky spooky Halloween

Welcome everyone to this new patch!
This patch is themed around Halloween and brings fancy cosmetics to the game as well as a few QoL changes!

A cosmetic update

The lobby has been updated with a spooky theme to celebrate Halloween!

GamesLabs Lobby

Thanks to our designers, we are releasing spooky cosmetics for you to enjoy!

GamesLabs cosmetics

Skins and pets are displayed in the lobby so that you can see how they look before getting them!

Here are several screenshots of some of these cosmetics:

Spooky week

From today to the 31st of October, you will earn more candies on the network! We have deployed a double candy booster on all the different games!

Green, Blue and Red Halloween masks can be obtained in clue caskets during this Halloween Week!
Red masks are rarer than blue which are rarer than green! You may only obtain one mask per profile, may the odds be ever in your favor.
The Halloween masks were originally released years ago on Minescape Classic! They're a retro cosmetic that will only be dropped during this year's event!

Minescape red halloween mask from Classic

Minescape men and women have put on their Halloween costumes to celebrate the event!

Minescape Halloween Man

The Game Pass

This new update introduces our new Game Pass!

The Game Pass is a subscription service that provides monthly orbs. The Game Pass will eventually be updated with more unique features.
The Game Pass provides a set amount of orbs per month with an orb reward depending on the amount of months you have been subscribed to.

The idea behind the Game Pass is to reward our loyal players with orbs and create a more stable source of income to expand the project.

Silver Game Pass (5eu/month)
Provides 500 orbs/month + 10% extra every month.
e.g. Month 1: 500 orbs, Month 2: 550, ... Month 6: 750

Gold Game Pass (10 eu/month)
Provides 1,000 orbs/month + 10% extra every month.

Diamond Game Pass (20 eu/month)
Provides 2,000 orbs/month + 10% extra every month.

Quality of Life changes and bug fixes

This update brings several QoL changes:
 * Chickens We have nerfed level 1 chickens. New players will no longer be murdered by these evil chickens.
 * Strange Device The Strange Device's damage has been reduced for beginner clues.

Minescape Strange Device

 * /faq A /faq command has been added. It provides a link to the Minescape FAQ.
 * Jobs The cancelling option will now always show when interacting with the Job Master.
 * Thieving is now a source of clue scrolls!
 * KBD's lair respawn point has been changed to the gate. It previously was above the surface.
 * KBD and KQ have had their clue scroll drop changed from very rare to rare!
 * Suitcase The suitcase can now be used as a shield transmog!
 * Construction blocks have been added! You can find holiday themed blocks at the Grand Exchange by talking to the Construction Salesman!
 * Exploration The lodestones are now sorted alphabetically!
 * Helmet shop A new helmet shop has been put in place at the Barbarian Village! Come visit him!

Minescape Helmet Shop

We have also fixes several bugs:
 * Disabled item swapping in the lobby
 * Fixed a bandit spawn
 * Fixed several typos

The end

That's it for this update!
The Halloween cosmetics are exclusive for this Halloween event only and will be present in the daily store throughout this week, until November 1st. Make sure to grab the ones you truly enjoy, before they disappear from the shop forever!
Make sure to send us amazing screenshots with you freshly acquired cosmetics on our Discord!
Happy Halloween!