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I can't see a shield with a blue star in my inventory! What do I do?
If you cannot see a shield with a blue star in it, it means that your server resourcepack didn't load. You can execute the command /rsp to reload it, or to install it manually in your Resource Packs folder. Be sure to have server resourcepacks enabled as well.

I am stuck at the beginning of the tutorial! Help!
Are you stuck at the beginning? Don't panic. Click on the Survival Expert, press T to open chat, and click the blue dialogue options to continue the dialogue. When he gives you a hatchet and tells you to chop a tree for a log, then you can move freely again. Be sure to finish the tutorial step by step and read the dialogues. The game has a bit different mechanics than Runescape.

At the tutorial, I wanted to move on to the chef and do the cooking step, but the chef says he is busy. Bugged?
If the chef says he is busy, it means you are not yet eligible for the next step of the tutorial. Go back and finish Survival Expert Merek's steps first. Then you can move on to the chef.

So I have done the tutorial, but I still have no idea what I am supposed to do. I never played Runescape at all.
You never played Runescape before? Don't worry. This game is basically an open world where you can explore, do quests, level up your skills on the scoreboard on your right, and kill monsters. You are free to adventure to your heart's content in the game. :)

Where do I start Slayer?
There is a slayer master in Lumbridge, in a house across the sheep pen who can assign you a task to kill various monsters. You can choose between a short slayer task, a medium slayer task and a long slayer task. You can also go to one of the various Slayer dungeons in Minescape. These have slayer masters inside and can assign you monsters exclusive to them.

How do I get good money to start with?
You can pickpocket men and women for coins, kill goblins and sell their redundant drops to the General Store, or start mining ores, smelting bars or gathering flowers and put them on the Grand Exchange over at Varrock, and await a buyer who may need it. You can also barter with other players and do Jobs for the Exploration skill for some good money.

The mobs are so powerful and they almost kill me! How do I overcome them?
Try fishing for shrimps at the Lumbridge river with your net and cook them in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle on a fire, or harvest melons with the Farming skill. That way you get food which you can eat to heal yourself during combat, making fights easier.

How/Where do I get armor?
You can mine Copper and Tin ore, smelt them to bars and craft daggers and helmets to level up your Smithing skill, so you can smith armor for yourself. You can also buy armor in the armor shop in Varrock, or kill goblins for bronze armor and a shield to get you started.

I want to play as a mage! Where do I get magic armor/robes?
In Al-Kharid there is a shop that sells blue wizard armor, wands and some runes to get you started.

How do I fletch arrows?
Buy a knife at the General Store, right-click it in your inventory, and then left click on a log so you use it with the log to make arrow shafts. Then use Feathers on the arrow shafts to make Headless Arrows. Lastly, use Bronze Arrowheads on the headless arrows to create Bronze Arrows.

How do I fletch bows?
Right-click an Oak Log, and then left-click a String to make a bow.

I am stuck on a clue! Help?
You can ask other players to help out, or post an image of the clue in the #clue-hunting channel on our /discord. There are lots of players willing to help you out with your clue.

I think I found a bug/glitch. Where do I report it?
If you found a bug or glitch, please do not speak about it loud in the general channel, as other players may abuse it, which is strictly against the rules. Instead, use the command /bugreport and fill out the bug report form. Try explaining it as well as you can. If you explain it properly, a screenshot or even video footage is not even necessary.

The bosses are so hard! How do I overcome them?
Bosses are very powerful enemies that can drop superior and unique items and equipment. If you are playing solo, a Prayer level of at least 43 is recommended for protection prayers, which halve their damage done to you, before your armor mitigation lowers it even further, making it easier to take the blows. Also use a shield to have more effective mitigation against those hits. Also, use potions such as Super Strength, Super Defence and Prayer potions to increase your damage done and reduce damage taken even further, and prayer potions to replenish your prayer points. Also, use good food to heal yourself (Sturgeon+ will do) You can also group up with other players to overcome the bosses more easily, but the loot will be split among the players.

What combat skill levels are recommended for bosses?
or mid-level bosses such as Obor, base 55-60 combat skills is recommended, for Barrows, base 80+ is recommended to be able to kill them all in one trip. For higher level bosses such as King Black Dragon and Kalphite Queen, base 90+ is recommended.

I just lost all my items to a player in the wilderness! What should I do?
I'm sorry for your loss. There is nothing that can be done about that. In the future, there are some tips.
1: Don't EVER say you are going to the wilderness or have an even slight hint toward it. PKers (Player Killers) are very clever.
2: Do not take items with you that you are not willing to lose. Play it safe, and bring cheap armor.
3: It's best to hop over to a near-empty instance, and not to stay in the Wilderness for too long. If you happen to get a top drop from one of the monsters and it gets announced, then immediately leave the Wilderness and stay away from it for a while. Also, always watch your surroundings. There may be a PKer around the corner in the Wilderness. The Wilderness is like a no man's land after all.

How do I become Ironman?
You can become an Ironman by entering Minescape's Ironman gamemode. You can join that by clicking on the "Minescape (IRONMAN)" NPC, or by selecting the instance world "ms-im-1".

Can you skip tutorial island?
Yes, there's an NPC in the first building you spawn in that allows you to skip the tutorial.
Note: For ironman you must choose your desired ironman type before leaving the tutorial because it cannot be changed on that profile.

Is membership a thing here?
Nope, everything here is free for charge. You can do whatever a runescape member could do for free, such as thieving, fletching and construction. Try it out!

Where are the melons?
If you walk through the gate outside Lumbridge Castle, go left, and follow the path. just before the T-crossing, go right. there are the melons.

Where can I get bait for my fishing rod?
You don't need bait to fish in Minescape. just the rod.

Do feathers work with fly fishing rod?
You don't need feathers to fish with a fly-fishing rod in Minescape. Just the rod.

How do I start Runecrafting?
You can start Runecrafting by mining Rune Essence first in the Rune Essence Mine. You can enter the Rune Essence Mine by talking to the teleport NPC in Egrus' magic shop in Varrock. You can get there by entering Varrock from the south, and then going right immediately and following the path until you see a magic shop. After mining some Rune Essence, you can teleport back to the shop, and then go to the Air altar on the path between Varrock and Barbarian Village and right-click it to craft Air Runes.

Do I need a talisman or tiara for runecrafting?
No, you don't need a talisman or tiara. all you have to do is right-click the altar with some Rune Essences in your inventory.

How do I do a good beacon run for the Exploration skill?
There is a guide for a beacon run on our /discord in the #community-content channel. the guide is under pinned messages.

Is there a wiki on Minescape?
You can access the wiki by executing the /wiki command and by clicking on the link it provides.

These frequently asked questions were made by Kev_TheGamer and Komradekiel.
Enjoy your grind!