When the weekly updates slow down - we don't, meaning just one thing: Minescape Season 6 is now officially out!

Minescape Season 6 - A New Cycle

Welcome to the 6th season of Minescape and the GamesLabs network! This season starts off with some long-awaited QoL changes, player suggestion implementations, new Minescape & network wide content and more!

This season we are working on the network's expansion and that means that you will soon see new games coming to the network. We've been working hard on some framework improvements and are ready to slowly implement new games. Runetale is one of them and should launch by the end of this month.

Before we start with the change list, we'd like to thank the entire GamesLabs team for working hard to make sure we can bring updates to our players, who also deserve much gratitude for being patient and for making this update possible. Thank you!


Minescape Brimhaven

The construction workers have finished their work in the city and are leaving to help with construction elsewhere. This small pirate town is filled with beer, rum and various fun activities, some of which are coming in an later update this season.

This town comes with various utilities and activities for the players -  a runes thieving stall, a bar, pirates and more activities that will be introduced very soon!

Minescape Brimhaven Construction Portal

Brimhaven also comes with a lodestone and a house portal that are both used often by a new Brimhaven inhabitant - this NPC will note your raw fish for you.

Finally, Brimhaven and Musa Point have also been inhabited by a new type of tree - Jungle Tree! These trees are special as they have strong roots and are palm based, meaning they will never fall and give you palm logs.

Farewell construction workers... You will not be missed...

Minescape Construction Workers leaving Brimhaven

New quests

This season starts off with 2 new quests in the world of Minescape:

Minescape Al-Kharid Gate
  • Prince Ali Rescue - With the release of this quest, the Lumbridge / Al-Kharid gates are now locked by the guards. Complete the quest to gain trust of the people and unlock free access through the gate, otherwise you'll have to pay 10 gp each time you want to use the gate.
Minescape Draynor Manor
  • Animal magnetism - This quest will bring players some long awaited items - Ava's attractor and Ava's accumulator. These cape slot items will provide players a small chance of saving arrows when attacking monsters using ranged attacks.
Minescape Animal Magnetism Quest - Research notes mini-game

These quests will fill a small bit of missing lore; giving players the opportunity to explore some unexplored regions and new places of the world of Minescape: H.A.M. hideout, Alice's house in Morytania and more; whilst allowing us to bring even more quests in the near future.

Minescape H.A.M. hideout

New global booster, and booster stacking

Have you ever felt like Babanza or any other RNG gods have not been in your favor? Well, that should no longer be a problem as we're introducing a new type of global booster - RNG booster.

RNG booster is an in-game luck based activity booster giving you 20% increased luck in various places:

  • Monster drops chance,
  • Tree falling down chance,
  • Mining gem chance,
  • Obtaining a clue scroll from skilling activities chance,
  • Thieving loot & failing chance,
  • Cooking fish fail chance,
  • Fishing event chance,
  • Rare drop table chance,
  • Defender drop rate chance...

And many more! This booster and other global boosters can now also be purchased using the /boosters command in-game, meaning not having to walk to a vendor. This update also removed the 1 minute cooldown on global boosters as they can now be activated anywhere in the world.

Minescape RNG booster

With the update, we're also introducing a new feature - global booster stacking! This means that if player A activates DXP & RNG boosters for 15 minutes, player B can add another 15 minutes or more to the existing booster timers.

Minescape DXP stacking

Finally, /xp command (and it's aliases) were removed as the accurate timers can be seen in TAB.

New monsters

As with most updates, this one also brings more life to various regions of Minescape

  • Frogs - These small creatures have come out of their burrows in Lumbridge and Morytania and are ready to protect their lands.
  • Jungle Spiders - With the new Jungle trees expanding quickly over Karamja, spiders aren't wasting any time in exploring these new lands and are creating their permanent homes. These spiders have a higher chance of dropping string than any other spiders.
  • Monkeys - Do you hear that? I did! It seems like monkeys are slowly taking over the island of Karamja, so be careful and keep your precious belongings close to you at all times.
  • Snails - Our slow friends. These creatures took ages to finally arrive at their home of Morytania swamp. Will you help them to move along faster?

Boss pets

Have you ever wanted to show your friends how much you've achieved, how many monsters you've slayed, but those simple numbers in monster drop table don't say much? Well, it's time for a change!

From now on players are able to obtain Boss pet tokens. These tokens are dropped by King Black Dragon, The Creature, Dagannoth Kings, Kalphite Queen, Evil Chicken, Mole, Dad and Obor.

Minescape boss pet tokens

These tokens currently have no use as we're still working on finishing small details to make sure these pets can look the best for you, but the next Minecape patch will bring a store where you will be able to exchange your tokens for Minescape only cosmetic pets. The price in tokens will depend on your in-game rank (having a higher rank will mean you have to use less tokens to unlock a cosmetic pet).

Implementing suggestions

/items dragon bow - Mob drops

Just ask - we'll work on it! We are introducing some old and some newly made, highly upvoted player suggestions to the network:

  • Added announcements when a player reaches 50, 100 and 200M total xp
  • Added castle wars teleport to the ring of dueling
  • Added a way to see how long you are muted for (when sending a message you will see the time remaining)
  • Added missing items to the GE (Fremennik helmets, goblin mail, holy sandals, raw & cooked rabbit, garlic, rat, cactus, dagannoth hide & bones, bucket of water, all dyes, dagannoth king souls)
  • Added an in-game chat tip for monsters with a red name-tag
  • Added a way for players to see item drop sources by clicking on an item in the item list (/items)
  • Added /xptable command to view the xp table

QoL changes & new features

Minescape Pitchfork

Quality of Life is really important part of Minescape, so with every update we try to introduce some changes that make the gameplay better for all of us:

  • Added a pitchfork transmog purchasable for 1000 orbs in the transmogs store
  • Added H.A.M. members & their hideout
  • Added hard leather and it's armor pieces to the crafting skill
  • Added new type of tree - Jungle tree. This tree gives you palm logs and never falls
  • Added bird nests - This item has a small chance to be obtained when woodcutting and upon right clicking with it you will get some random flowers or other items collected by birds
  • Added 20% global RNG booster
  • Added a way to stack DXP & RNG boosters
  • Changed the lobby map back to normal (from winter variant)
  • Removed the season pass
  • Reduced the amount of smoke particles in the Pollnivneach smoke dungeon by more than 50%
  • When completing a boss slayer task, you will now be able to see how many tasks you can complete before new timer and the timer itself.
  • Changed the price of boss slayer tokens from 20 points for 4 tokens to 5 points for 1 token
  • Updated the discord notification for DXP to display RNG boosters too
  • Added /boosters command for players to purchase global boosters from any place in the world
  • Removed /xp command
  • Removed 1 minute cooldown from global boosters starting
  • Added undead cows
  • Quest items will now display what quest they are from
  • Added Brimhaven house portal

Bug fixes

Just like any other update, this one brings some bug fixes:

  • Removed the last Minescape Leagues season 2 instance from the network
  • Removed non-working voting sites
  • Fixed various player reported map issues (getting stuck, having frame rate issues, some blocks being off/odd)
  • Fixed dragontooth necklace not working
  • Changed /bugreport to display the correct way of reporting bugs
  • Fixed dragontooth necklace purchase requirement and price in boss slayer shop
  • Players will now be once again teleported to the nearest city after a map update
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to take out "falling rocks" from instanced maps, being able to damage other players
  • Fixed small bugs like GE not working, candy amounts resetting to a random number each time and more bugs like that reported by players in our discord support tickets

Staff applications

GamesLabs is actively accepting Staff Applications! We are looking for players that are passionate about contributing to the GamesLabs Network, Minescape, and other exciting projects. We are specifically looking for players to assist on the following teams:

  • Assets Team: Assets team is responsible for creating models using Blockbench. Models range from items, cosmetics, monsters, and more. Previous experience with Blockbench is helpful and preferred.
  • Build Team: Build team is responsible for bringing the Network to life! Builds include Minescape Points of Interest, Minigames, Network Lobby, Convention Booths, etc. Previous build experience is helpful and preferred.
  • Development Team: Development team is responsible for creating all the features and mechanics of Minescape and the network in general. Previous development experience is preferred. Java knowledge is mandatory.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our website at the following link: https://www.gameslabs.net/apply
We look forward to reviewing your applications!

The end

That's all for our Season 6 release.
Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!