Minescape Season 5 Patch 2

Welcome everyone to the second content patch of Season 5! This patch focuses on adding more content, two skill changes, a new season pass, and bug fixing.

Boss Slayer

As Spria introduces new players to Slayer - a skill that requires players to fight against various monsters trying to take over Minescape, she sends you to Taverley dungeon slayer master to help them fighting off monsters that almost took over… But this time – someone else needs your help!

Minescape Dad Boss

Sumona is a new slayer master located in the warrior’s guild and she needs your help fighting against the strongest monsters in Minescape – bosses. Sumona will only allow you to help her fight against those monsters if you’ve proven your loyalty to other slayer masters and unlocked the boss slayer reward in the slayer points shop for 750 points.

Minescape Boss Slayer

   - Boss slayer requires a lot of energy from players, so a player might only complete 3 boss slayer tasks per hour.
   - Completing a boss slayer task will award you with boss slayer points that can be currently used to skip / extend boss tasks (more rewards coming soon).

This update only introduces the core mechanics of boss slayer, and the rest of it should come with the upcoming patches (slayer task assign rework, boss point shop).


We have added a small fishing mini-game to reward players that are actively fishing. Whilst players are fishing, a fish may appear and move towards your fishing tool (works for all fishing spots). Catching it will provide players 25% extra xp and an extra fish every 4 interactions on average.

Minescape Fishing

This follows the game spirit and rewards players that are not semi-afk with more XP. It follows the same guidelines as the sweet spots.

Magic rebalance - part 1

We have changed most of the spell damages and some of their unlocks in order to make magic more viable at early, mid, and end game levels.

Here is the table of the updated combat magic spells:

Spell Level Damage
Air strike 1 18
Water strike 5 22
Earth strike 9 26
Fire strike 13 30
Air bolt 17 37
Water bolt 23 43
Earth bolt 29 49
Fire bolt 35 55
Air blast 41 63
Water blast 47 71
Earth blast 53 79
Fire blast 59 87
Air wave 62 96
Water wave 65 104
Earth wave 70 112
Fire wave 75 120
Elemental force 90 140
Dark elemental force 95 152
Apocalypse 98 165

We have also changed the wand/staff damage as followed:

Wand/Staff Level Damage
Elemental staves 1 10
Apprentice wand 1 15
Caitlin's staff 1 12
Beginner wand 10 20
Master wand 25 30
Elemental battlestaves 30 30
Wizard's wand 50 50
Apocalypse wand 70 65
Ahrim's staff 75 80
3rd age wand 85 80

We plan on changing the curse spells in a future magic update!

Goblin Diplomacy

We have added a new quest, the famous Goblin Diplomacy quest!
Completing this quest will award players 5 quest points, 200xp in crafting and one gold bar!

Minescape Goblin Diplomacy

In this quest, players must help Goblin Generals decide on a new armor color. This quest contains several cinematics and dyes that players can buy at certain stores. Players can also combine two dyes to make a new color!

Season Pass

Our first two seasons came with a Season Pass filled with small cosmetics (100ish cosmetics). We have decided to bring back the Season Pass but change the way it works.
Every week, new weekly challenges will be released, and a new cosmetic will be revealed in the Season Pass.

Minescape Season Pass

Players with the Gold gamepass automatically have the Season Pass. Players with the Diamond gamepass automatically have the Season Pass fully unlocked (and will unlock new cosmetics every week).

The season pass cost 1000 orbs to unlock or 2500 orbs to fully unlock.

Bug fixes/tweaks

We have fixed several bugs and applied some tweaks in this new Season 5 Patch 2 update:
   - Helper/Game breaker titles not showing
   -  Changed Iron arrows/bolts fletching levels from 20 to 15
    - Changed Steel arrows/bolts fletching levels from 35 to 30
    - Bronze bolts and Iron crossbow (unf) now show the correct xp in the Fletching guide
    - Changed the message of using a wand without the required magic level
    - Removed the word "base" from magic weapons

The end

That's all for our second content patch of Season 5.
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