Season 1 Week 11
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Welcome to this week's patch notes. This weekly update is purely focused on Minescape and brings new content to 5 skills and changes to 5 other skills.


Let's start with one of the least used skill of Minescape, farming. This weekly highly improve the usage of farming ingredients through cooking. Let's start with the new farming resources:

  • Wheat [Lvl. 5, 12 xp]
  • Cabbage [Lvl. 16, 15 xp]
  • Potato [Lvl. 45, 41 xp]
  • Tomato [Lvl. 70, 59 xp]
  • Corn [Lvl. 90, 76 xp]

Flax now has its own texture:
Flax field
You can gather cabbages around lumbridge:
Cabbage field
Take a look at the new farming skill ui!
Farming skill ui

In order to bring more gameplay to the farming skill, we added more cooking recipes that require vegetables.


The cooking skill now contains 14 more recipes which, depending on the meal, can give different skill buffers.
In order to cook this new recipes, you will need to find a smoker (1.14 Minecraft block).
This is the advanced cooking ui:
Advanced cooking ui
And this is the list of the new recipes:

  • Dough [Lvl 10, 6xp]
  • Bread [Lvl 10, 6xp]
  • Meat pie [Lvl 12, 8xp] (Health regen depends on the meat used)
  • Pumpkin pie [Lvl 14, 10xp]
  • Fish pie [Lvl 45, 24xp] (Health regen depends on the fish used)
  • Baked potato [Lvl 45, 21xp] (This meal has 2 bites)
  • Apple pie [Lvl 50, 27xp] (10% farming buff for the next 10 gathers)
  • Plain pizza [Lvl 70, 30xp] (Your next 10 fires last 50% longer)
  • Meat pizza [Lvl 72, 32xp] (10% mining buff for the next 10 gathers)
  • Anchovies pizza [Lvl 78, 61xp] (Easier fishing for the next 10 catches)
  • Fruit salad [Lvl 84, 80xp] (10% woodcutting buff for the next 10 chops)
  • Corn pizza [Lvl 92, 100xp] (20% more critical hits for the next 10 hits)
  • Tuna potato [Lvl 96, 120xp] (10% buff in all gathering skills for the next 10 gathers)
  • Salad [Lvl 98, 145xp] (Better luck for your next 10 actions (looting or thieving))

These new recipes are really useful to improve your efficiency in several skills, so start cooking now!


Firework sparks, advancement music, toast message... You just got a new level that gives you almost no extra advantage! This time is over!
Agility now contains 9 shortcuts that you can use depending on your level and 4 courses that you can do at any level, granted that your Minecraft parkour skills are decent...
The agility skill UI
Lumbridge agility shortcut
You can use /checkpoint to return to your last checkpoint if, all of a sudden, your sprint key fails on you...
Some courses may also give you a small reward by completing them.


Hey, how can I sell my items rapidly?
Where is alchemy?!!

Quite a few players asked for low/high alchemy for quite a bit of time and... we finally added it! Please keep in mind that, because the economy of end game items is not stable yet, some high-end items may not have a decent alchemy value...

The low alchemy spell can be used by using 3 fire runes and 1 nature rune at level 21. The value correspond to 40% of the target item's selling value.
The high alchemy spell can be used at level 55 for 5 fire runes and 1 nature rune for 60% of the selling value.
High alchemy
We removed the cooldowns on teleport spells and added a new Lumbridge teleport spell that you can use with runes (no cooldown). The xp of the teleport spells have been nerfed to account for this no-delay change.


We changed the way our random factor works to make thieving succesful rates more consistent. This should give players a smoother thieving experience. We also nerfed the thieving xp as following: xp = 3 + monsterLevel on a successful thief.
We also added more dark wizards at different levels to have more thievable monsters.
Market stalls are now thievable! You can thieve different types of stalls by clicking on the block bellow the exposed item.
A food stall
Items respawn every so often, be the first one to steal the item to retrieve it and gain thieving xp!
These different stalls are accessible in the skill UI:
Thieving skill ui


Due to our recent changes, herblore has become one of the easiest skill to level up. We re-balanced herblore by nerfing the flower gathering xp and the potion brewing rates. Potions have been buffed in their durations and you can now stack a potion effect for up to 20 minutes.
The strength potion has been changed to a power potion and rewards the player with a damage boost (melee, magic, ranged).
Power potion
The brewing ui no longer makes your mouse cursor reset.


We fixed a major melee combat issue related to defence buffers not working. Melee is now a viable combat method.
A new arrow equipment slot has been added. You will need to store your active arrows in here now instead of your off hand. This allows you to use a shield and a bow at the same time.

Some monsters now automatically attack you depending on your combat level. If they can fight you easily, they will attack you.
Wizards are now equipped with working wands and thus cast spells. Their rune loots have been nerfed to compensate for the Runecrafting skill change.


Runecrafting was also an easy skill to train after our recent skill rebalace. We nerfed it slightly and changed the rune multipliers to award more runes per craft.
This change applies to all runes. Some runes have a max multiplier of 3 (law runes) and some have up to a multiplier of 18 at level 120.

Resource gathering

We changed the minimum gathering time for all skills to 1/3 of the base time. This was needed to make sure that the best xp/s rate is always your highest unlock. High leveled skillers were encountering an issue where the best xp rate was at first unlocks..


Fishing has been changed in terms of timings. Like the other resource gathering skills, higher fishes now take more time to be caught. Your fishing action will continue over and over until you fail to catch a fish.
We've also changed some of the fishing spots. A spot now only accounts for one type of fish.
A fishing spot


We are still working on the Taverley dungeon but we brought you a small slayer update for the time being. You can now buy a cursed apoclaypse wand and a cursed abyssal whip in the slayer shop!
Cursed abyssal whip
/task no longer gives a new task.

Other minor additions

We added a candy shop, job master and xp booster npc to all towns.

We also increased the price of a double xp booster and added a 1 minute cooldown before the DXP activation so that you have a bit of time to prepare for the boost!

You can now climb the wizard tower using the magic beam in the middle of the tower! Be careful when you go back down.


This concludes this week's patch notes.
Tell us what you think about this weekly update on our Discord, in our new #feedback channel!