Season 1 Week 10
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It's time for a new weekly update! This weekly update is mainly focused on bug fixing and the Minescape slayer skill.

Bug fixes

Let's start with the bug fixes. Last week was a big update for us technically as we upgraded to 1.14. This update came with a few bugs that are now fixed:

  • MS: The smelting UI no longer shows iron bars instead of silver bars
  • MS: Potion effects now stack correctly
  • MS: Removed the confusion between cave bugs and cave slimes->cave crawlers
  • MS: Fixed the banshee and skeletal wyvern skins
  • MS: Clicking on an prayer stand with a bow no longer open the enchanting table ui
  • MS: Ranged now give a proper 50/50 xp distribution in balanced mode
  • MS: Wands now require their minimum usablity level
  • MS: Steel arrows no longer show 61xp in the crafting UI
  • MS: Backpacks can now be stored safely in your bank
    A backpack in a bank
  • MS: Fixed the interaction issue with bows (when aiming at a block)
  • MS: Fixed the invalid icon in the smelting ui (minescape.ui.?)
  • MS: Fixed strawberries removal
  • MS: Flax and carrots can now be harvested again
  • ALL: Fixed an issue with our local task schedule preventing Apocalypse chests from respawning, ambient sound from working and entities from respawning
  • LOBBY: The color gun no longer deletes slab blocks


Slayer shop
Slayer shop UI
We added a slayer shop! You can now spend all your slayer points to gather powerful weapons!
/task command
We've also added a /task command that display your active tasks!

Cursed dragon weapons

We added cursed dragon weapons. They have the same stats as dragon weapons but come with a durability of 1000 uses. After 1000 uses, your weapon will break.
Cursed dragon dagger
We've lowered down the level requirement of the Canifis teleport. You can now use it from level 70 in magic.
Canifis magic teleport


We have nerfed flower gathering by 25%. We need a bit more feedback on this skill in terms of xp. If you have any suggestions, please send them on our Discord!

Small additions and changes

Thieving a man
We've rebalanced thieving so that the xp rates are smoother. It may need more rebalancing which will be done by adding more mobs to the map.
New bones
We added more bone/ash types: cursed ashes and dragon bones.

We added 3 new commands related to our currencies: /orbs, /candies and /shop.

Ducks, Imps, Zombie horses, Skeleton horses and Turtles are now part of Minescape!
As of right now, ducks look like chickens but we have a plan to make them look different!
Undead horses


This concludes our week 10 update!
As always, we've added more weekly challenges base on this update's theme.

The discord bot (made by Tyler) for game/server stats and leaderboards will be added very soon!

Minescape cosmetics are also coming in soon!