Season 3 release

Hello everyone.
We've done it... We've finally released our seasonal update.

The release went smoothly thanks to the tester team. This was our biggest update so far and was one of our smoothest release.

Sticking with seasonal

Season 3 will follow a proper weekly schedule, unlike the previous seasons.
This doesn't mean that we'll release an update every week, it means that weekly challenges will be released every week, every monday.

This new season pass contains a lot of cool cosmetics. They are themed around summer.

Here are some of the cosmetics, made by Boobtit, for this new Season:
Season 3 skins
Season 3 masks
Season 3 pets
Season 3 balloons

You may purchase the Season pass with 1,000 orbs (10eu).

Bug fixes

Let this Season start with a small post-update patch!

Minescape sunset

Here are the bugs we have fixed since the release of the new Season:

  • Slayer task Raff assigned Gargoyles which are not present in Taverley Dungeon.
  • Battle axe shop The battleaxe shop in Port Sarim was showing the wrong GUI.
  • Invalid daily challenges We removed the daily challenges from our old gamemodes.
  • Construction bank chest The Construction Bank Chest wasn't letting you deposit noted items.
  • Lobby selector The game selector in the lobby wasn't showing the proper player count on Minescape (it was showing 0).
  • Crandor beacon Crandor beacon teleport was available without completing the dragon slayer quest.
  • Stock stores Selling a Chisel, Knife, Exploration Compass or Hammer back to the general store without any coin in inventory was giving you an empty Coin item.
  • Brutal green dragons and green dragons were swapped in Taverley's Dungeon/Wilderness.
  • Cave crawlers were giving 186 slayer xp on DXP instead of 50 due to a miss-configuration of their ids.
  • Transfering items You were able to transfer an item between your profiles by dropping it on the ground. This was a game breaking bug for the hardcore ironman mode.
  • Construction islands We have fixed a bug related to construction island saves (it made one instance crash).

Small tweaks

Here is the list of small tweaks we have deployed:

  • Beginner map The in-game map is now awarded upon completion of the tutorial island.
  • Wilderness monster spawns We added more monster spawns to the wilderness.
  • Corrupted ent drop We increased the rarity of the dragon chain drop.
  • Construction blocks We have slightly increased the prices of construction blocks.
  • Season pass challenges Minescape challenges can now be completed on sub minescape modes such as ironman.
  • Minimap performance increases We reduced the memory footprint of the new in-game minimap.
  • Leaderboards We have released the construction leaderboard as well as the Brimhaven and wilderness agility course leaderboards.

The end

That's it for now!
We are currently working on a friend system/clans as well as the incoming Minescape Leagues gamemode!

Building wise, we're resuming work on Burthrope/Trollheim and the desert.

Make sure to read our seasonal patch notes if you haven't already: Season 3 announcement

Happy grinding!