Season 1 Week 12
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This weekly update is mainly focused on the new Taverley dungeon as well as bug fixes.


Raff slayer master
Farewell Rulf...
We removed our temporary slayer master, Rulf, and replaced it with Raff. Raff is Taverley dungeon's slayer master.
Each master now has a set of monsters that he chooses from to assign you a task of random length.

This dungeon comes with 3 new monsters:

  • Chaos dwarf, level 1 slayer
  • Moss giant, level 47 slayer
  • Green dragon, level 82 slayer

Taverley green dragons

Slayer mobs above turtlos have been buffed in terms of slayer xp.

This update comes with a slayer monster kill tracker. You can access your kill counts from the slayer skill interface:
Slayer ui with kill counts

Thieving and drops

Last week, we released a few daily patches to fix lag issues as well as some rates.
Thieving has been buffed for end-game monsters and some mobs have been nerfed in terms of coin loots.

Failing to thieve a monster will now make the monster attack you as a handicap.

Dragon tools, bow and black armour pieces have been added as a monster drop.
Wearing a black armour set and shield

Other small additions

As requested, you can now access the different prayers and their unlocks in the prayer skill interface:
Prayer skill UI

We've added a /rules command which directs you to our rules

Guilds are now level locked (level 50 in their given skills)
Cooking guild

We've added new agility shortcuts:

  • Canifis wall
  • Port sarim
  • Security stronghold (3 shortcuts)

Bug fixes

Here is the list of the bugs we've fixed:


This concludes this weekly update. As always, we've added new weekly challenges.
Tell us what you think about this update on our Discord.