Season 3 patch 2 - Minescape Treasure Trails

Welcome everyone to these new patch notes!
It has been a month since our last update on Minescape.
During this time we have been working on adding a lot of new content to the game, which primarily revolve around treasure trails/clue scrolls. This patch adds almost five times the amount of items we've ever added in a patch.

A lot of these new items are armors. Some of you may be aware that minecraft limits you in the amount of different armors we can have. This has been a struggle for a long time. With this patch, we finally found a solution with the use of Optifine. It let us add more armor variants to the game. Whilst the use of Optifine is not required to play on Minescape, you will only be able to see the new armor skins with Optifine installed.
Feel free to read this page if you need help installing Optifine.

Let's not wait any longer and delve right into the detailed list of all the new features and items of the Season 3 Patch 2 update.

Treasure Trails

We've always loved the idea of the exploration skill. Exploring a vast unique world, finding out little secrets, NPCs, and getting rewarded for it.
Our recent updates added more content to the exploration skill such as keys and lodestones.
You have been suggesting us to add treasure trails for a while on our Discord. As always, we've taken your feedback and worked on implementing the treasure trail minigame from OSRS into Minescape.
We think this minigame fits very well the main idea behind the exploration skill. We have worked very hard on our take on this minigame and tied it with our exploration skill. We hope you will enjoy the result of one of our biggest update so far.

Treasure trails are a mini-game involving clue scroll solving.
There are 6 different types of clue scrolls:

  • Beginner, level 1 exploration, +250 XP, obtained from low level monsters and resources (mining, farming, flower collecting, wood-cutting)
  • Easy, level 15 exploration, +500 XP, obtained from low level monsters and resources
  • Medium, level 30 exploration, +750 XP, obtained from medium level monsters and resources
  • Hard, level 40 exploration, +1000 XP, obtained from medium/high level monsters and resources
  • Elite, level 60 exploration, +1500 XP, obtained from high level monsters and resources
  • Master, level 80 exploration, +3500 XP, obtained from clue caskets or by combining one of each clue scroll type

A player can only hold one unsealed clue scroll of a specific difficulty at a given time. A clue pouch can be obtained to store 9 sealed clue scrolls.

Minescape player holding a gilded spade

Clue types

There are 9 different types of clues.


Players may obtain anagrams in the form of a written book.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once

Players need to find the entity which has its name written has an anagram and talk to it. They may receive a Question to solve or an Item Request that they will need to complete.

A Minescape anagram


Players may obtain a written book with Beacon identifiers. They will need to click beacons, spread around the map, in a specific order.
The second page of the book lists all the different beacon identifiers.

Minescape Beacon clue


Minescape Chest clue

Players may obtain a written book with an indication of a chest. They will need to find a chest on the map indicated by the riddle.


Players may obtain a written book with what appears to be a scrambled, encrypted text. They must decrypt the name of an entity located on the Map and talk to the given entity. They may receive a Question to solve or an Item Request that they will need to complete.

In cryptography, a cipher (or cypher) is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption—a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure. Codes generally substitute different length strings of character in the output, while ciphers generally substitute the same number of characters as are input.
Minescape Cipher clue

Hot and Cold

Players may receive a strange device that points to an unknown location on the map.
Clicking with the strange device removes 5% (up to 50 damage) of the player's maximum health. A detection result will then be printed on the screen with indication about their distance to the unknown location.
Once the unknown location has been found, players need to use a spade to dig the next clue or to find a clue casket.

Minescape strange device


Players may find a weird looking map indicating an unknown location on the map. They will need to use their exploration knowledge to find that unknown location and dig up the next clue or a clue casket.

Minescape map clue

Puzzle boxes

Players may find a puzzle box. A puzzle box is a combination puzzle where players slide tiles to match a given picture.

Minescape puzzle box

Light boxes

Players may find  light boxes that they need to solve. A light box contains various light bulbs and buttons. Each given button toggles a set of light bulbs. The goal is to light all the different bulbs.

Minescape light box


Players may be asked a question when talking to an entity resulting of a treasure trail clue.
They will need to answer the question in chat.

Item requests

Players may be asked to bring a certain amount of items to an entity resulting of a treasure trail clue. They can bring noted items to the given entity.

Clue types and steps by difficulty

The different clue types can be found of various difficulties. Here is a table listing all the clue types for each given difficulty.

Difficulty Steps Anagrams Beacons Chests Ciphers Hold and Cold Maps Puzzle boxes Light boxes Questions Item requests
Beginner 1 - 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy 2 - 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medium 3 - 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hard 4 - 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elite 5 - 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Master 6 - 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Treasure trail entities

In order to create the different anagrams and ciphers, we've added a lot of new entities. Whilst some may not have much to say, we plan on linking them quests and or lore.
Each new entity comes with its own design.

A Minescape entity, part of treasure trails


Finishing a treasure trail will award a clue casket of the specific difficulty. Clue caskets can be stacked but cannot be traded. Their rewards however can be traded (in non ironman worlds).

Opening a Minescape reward casket

As said above we've added hundreds and hundreds of new items. This includes new icons, new models and of last but not least, new features.


With these new items, we've also added a way to transmogrify various items into other items. We already have cosmetic overrides for our hats and masks. These items will follow a similar system.

Talking to Reyny will let you transmogrify an item you hold with another one. Please keep in mind that you cannot transmogrify a low level item to a higher level item. You can transmogrify melee weapons into melee weapons, shields into shields... But you may not transmogrify a helmet into a baguette sword...
We figured it was very important to have this feature available for everyone.
This is why you can transmogrify items in two ways. You can either spend orbs or spend a Transmog token that can be obtained in candy loot creates.
It's important to note that transmog tokens are tradeable. So start playing and sparing those candies!

Minescape transmog UI

Here is a semi exhaustive list of all the unique rewards you may obtain from treasure trails, sorted by category.

Cosmetic items

So... get ready for the first big list of new items.
These are purely cosmetics items. Like any other item, these can be transmogrified and come as armor sets, weapons, hats and masks.

Sandwich lady outfit and the baguette sword (Beginner casket)

Minescape sandwich lady outfit

Jester cape (Beginner)

Shoulder parrot (Beginner, can be used as a helmet/hat)

White chef's hat (Beginner)

Colored berets (Easy)

Beanie (Easy)

Elegant clothing (Easy, comes in blue, green and red)

Imp Mask (Easy)

Goblin mask (Easy)

Golden chef's hat (Easy)

Large spade (Easy)

Colored headbands (Medium, comes in black, red, brown, pink, green, blue, white and gold)

Colored boaters (Medium, comes in red, orange, green, blue, black, pink, purple and white)

Elegant clothing (Medium, comes in dark purple, white, purple, pink, gold)

Minescape gold elegant clothing with a golden chef's hat

Wolf cloak and mask (Medium)

Cat mask (Medium)

Penguin mask (Medium)

Crier hat (Medium)

Leprechaun hat (Medium, comes in green and black)

Black/White unicorn mask (Medium)

Robin hood hat (Hard)

Pirate's hat (Hard)

Chromatic dragon masks (Hard, comes in green, blue, red and black)

Pith helmet (Hard)

Zombie head (Hard)

Cyclops head (Hard)

Suitcase (Elite, can be transmogrified to a melee weapon)

Sagacious spectacles (Elite)

Top hat (Elite)

Monocle (Elite)

Big pirate's hat (Elite)

Deerstalker (Elite)

Metal dragon + lava dragon masks (Elite, bronze to rune)

Minescape lava mask + suitcase

Afro (Elite)

Royal robe and crown (Elite)

Bucket helm (Elite)

Uri's hat (Elite)

Lesser demon/Black demon/Greater demon masks (Master)

Great Kourend city hoods (Master, comes in blue, green, yellow, cyan and black)

Left eye patch (Master)

Fancy tiara (Master)

Half moon spectacles (Master)

Bowl wig (Master)

Trimmed equipment

Please note that in order to see the custom armor skins, you will need to install Optifine. Without it you won't be able to see the new armor.

Trimmed monk robes (Beginner)
Monk robes provide a 20% prayer point reduction (40% for the full robe).

Trimmed amulet of defense (Beginner)

Gold Trimmed monk robes (Easy casket, provides a prayer point reduction for each piece)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed bronze, iron, steel and black chain/plate armors (Easy)

Minescape golden trimmed black plate armor

Trimmed/Gold trimmed blue/black wizard armors (Easy)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed leather and studded leather armors (Easy)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed wizard (blue/black) armors (Hard)

Black heraldic armor and shield (Easy)

Trimmed amulet of magic and power (Easy)

Oak gold trimmed shield (Easy)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed mithril and adamant chain/plate armors (Medium)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed green d'hide armors (Medium)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed mystic armors (Hard)

Adamant heraldic armor and shield (Medium)

Trimmed amulet of strength (Medium)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed rune chain/plate armors (Hard)

Gilded chain armor and sword/spear (Hard)

Rune heraldic armor and shield (Hard)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed red/blue d'hide armors (Hard)

Minescape gold trimmed red d'hide armor

Trimmed/Gold trimmed druidic/infinity armors (Hard)

Gilded equipment and d'hide armor (Elite+)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed black d'hide armors (Elite+)

Trimmed/Gold trimmed dagon'hai armors (Elite+)

Gilded equipment and plate armor (Master+)

New armors

We have added new armor types that can be obtained in clue caskets.

God vestment robes (Easy, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Bandos and Armadyl)
God robes are a new type of hybrid armor, unlocked at level 50 defense and level 50 prayer. Providing 30 armor points in each normal combat style with no debuff. They also provide 10% prayer buffer (Max prayer point increase)

Minescape god vestments
Minescape god vestments

Wizard boots (Medium, level 20 defense)
A new piece of magic armor (+23/+18/+13 armor points)

Ranger boots (Medium, level 20 defense)
A new piece of ranged armor (+13/+23/+18 armor points)

God mitres and cloaks (Medium, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Bandos and Armadyl)
God mitres and cloaks are unlocked at level 50 defense and prayer, are hybrid and provide a 10% prayer point reduction.

Enchanted robes (Hard)
Enchanted robe is a new set of magic armor unlocked at level 40.

Minescape enchanted armor

God blessed d'hide armor and shields (Hard)
God blessed d'hide have the stats of green d'hide and are unlocked at level 40 defense and prayer. They provide a prayer point buffer.

3rd age cloak (Elite+)
Unlocked at level 85 defense, it's a ranged cape, providing +15/+25/+20 armor points.

3rd age amulet (Elite+)
Unlocked at level 85 defense, it's a magic amulet, providing +25/+20/+15armor points.

3rd age shield (Elite+)
Unlocked at level 85 defense, it's a melee shield, providing +40/+30/+50 armor points.

3rd age armors (Elite+, magic/melee and ranged armors)
Unlocked at level 85, they are the best armors in the game, providing up to +18% combat buffers on their own

Minescape 3rd age armor

Mummy armor set (Master)
Unlock at level 1, the set mostly acts as a cosmetic set

Minescape mummy set

Samurai armor set (Master)
Unlocked at level 35, melee armor

Darkness robes (Hard)
Darkness robe is a new set of magic armor unlocked at level 20.

Minescape darkness set with a 3rd age wand

Please note that 3rd age, gilded and end-game magic armors are very hard to obtain from treasure trails.

New weapons and tools

We've added new weapons and tools that can be obtained in caskets.

Staff of bob the cat (Easy)
A level 1 wand

Rain bow (Easy)
A level 5 bow, 33 damage

Black cane (Easy)
A level 25 cane, 45 damage, 1.2 attack speed

Black pickaxe (Easy)
A level 15 pickaxe, 1.2 speed

Adamant cane (Medium)
A level 40 cane, 75 damage, 1.2 attack speed

Rune cane (Hard)
A level 50 cane, 84 damage, 1.2 attack speed

Dragon cane (Elite)
A level 60 cane, 100 damage, 1.2 attack speed

Minescape rune and dragon canes

Katana (Hard)
A level 50 sword, 82 damage, 1 attack speed

Minescape katana and rain bow

Royal sceptre (Elite)
A level 60 scepter, 5 prayer shortcuts and 3 quick prayers

Minescape royal set with the royal sceptre

3rd age sword (Elite+)
A level 85 sword, 155 damage, 1 attack speed

3rd age wand (Elite+)
A level 85 wand, 50 base damage

3rd age bow (Elite+)
A level 85 bow, 130 base damage

3rd age pickaxe (Elite+)
A level 85 pickaxe, faster than a dragon pickaxe

3rd age hatchet (Elite+)
A level 85 hatchet, faster than a dragon hatchet


Players can obtain god pages (page 1 to 4) and combine them with damaged god books to obtain a repaired god book. God pages drop in easy+ caskets.

Book of balance (level 50 prayer and constitution):
increases your max points by 25%
+15/+15/+15 armor points
+3%/+3%/+3% damage buffers

Book of darkness (level 50 prayer and magic):
increases your max points by 25%
+7% magic buffer

Book of law (level 50 prayer and ranged):
increases your max points by 25%
+7% ranged buffer

Book of war (level 50 prayer and strength):
increases your max points by 25%
+7% melee buffer

Holy book (level 50 prayer and defense):
increases your max points by 25%
+25/+25/+25 armor points

Unholy book (level 50 prayer and constitution):
increases your max points by 25%
+6%/+6%/+6% damage buffers

Minescape staff of bob the cat and a book of balance


Clue caskets also drop various items such as coins, food, ammunitions (for ranged and magic) as well as a possible master scroll (if you don't have one in your inventory) and a clue pouch. The clue pouch can store up to 9 sealed clue scrolls.

Minescape scroll pouch

Please note that salads increase your chance of getting an item from the unique item table of the opened casket.

New bows and item management

New bows

We have added two new bows to fill in the unlock gaps.

Magic bow (level 40 ranged, 85 base damage. Level 70 fletching, 135 xp)

Elder bow (level 60 ranged, 105 base damage. Level 85 fletching, 170 xp)

Bows will also have new models in the Season 3 Patch 2 update. Here is how oak bows will look like:

Minescape oak bow

Bank tabs

In order to make the gathering of treasure trail items more viable, we've added bank tabs.

The first tab (∞) works like the original Minescape bank. Items are sorted A to Z in the first tab.
You may click on the other tabs and deposit your items inside these.

Minescape bank

Opening your bank, will open the last tab/page you interacted with.

Items that are sent to your bank will be sent to your first tab (∞).

New dragon helmet

We've upgraded the look of the dragon plate full helm! Here is how it looks now:

Minescape dragon plate full helm with a Katana

Item list

We've added a new /items command that you may use to find certain items. You can use /items <search terms> (e.g. /items 3rd age) to search specific items.

Minescape /items list

New regions

What's a good update without new regions?
This update includes a new city, a new boss and its region, a new mine and some building enhancements.

Dark Wizard Tower

We've finally added back the dark wizard tower and move dark wizard to their new home.
This tower also contains an exploration beacon and you may climb the tower using the magical beam or by using the staircase.

Minescape dark wizard tower

Camelot castle

We've enhanced Camelot's castle and placed its exploration beacon (which was previously Seer's village beacon.

Minescape Camelot Castle

Death plateau

Our last release introduced Burthorpe. We've opened the surroundings and you can now access Death Plateau and beyond. Whilst you may use agility shortcuts to reach Death Plateau from Burthorpe faster, you may encounter thrower trolls on your way!

Minescape death plateau

Mountain trolls

Mountain trolls are the main inhabitants of the troll region. They can be assigned as a slayer task from Turael.

Pee Hat Trolls

Pee hat trolls are high levelled trolls. They are guardians of the troll region and will automatically attack you if they sense your fear. They can also be assigned as a slayer task from Turael.

Minescape pee hat troll

Thrower trolls

Thrower trolls are mountain trolls that damage nearby players. Praying ranged protection is recommended to pass through. These are special trolls and cannot be damaged. You may try to damage them if you really want to..

Minescape thrower troll

Dad's Crater

On your way to Trollheim, you will find a crater blocked by gates.
That's the entrance to Dad's crater. Dad is a passage boss which you will need to defeat once to be able to pass through the crater safely.

Dad is a level 100 boss (combat level 70+ recommended) that has a special melee attack that knows you back, and throws rocks as his ranged attack.

Whilst our recent new bosses required keys, this boss doesn't.

Minescape Dad boss


The great Trollheim can now be accessed. We have added various agility shortcuts to make the climb easier for pro agility gamers.

The top of Trollheim contains an exploration beacon.

Following the path behind Trollheim will guide you to Dragonspire. Whilst we eventually plan on releasing God Wars Dungeon, this path will currently only lead you to Dragonspire.

Minescape Trollheim

Mountain camp

You may also access the mountain camp which is next to the mountain lake.

Minescape Mountain camp


Continuing on the left from Burthorpe to Death Plateau, you will find your way to a cold region, the Fremennik region. Following the route, you will encounter Lalli, a mountain troll guarding a golden tree. In the distance, inside the wooden fences, you will find Rellekka.

Minescape Lalli troll

Rellekka is the main city of the Fremennik region.
There are various thieving stalls, a furnace, a crafting table, a bank deposit, a mine and different fishing spots.

Minescape Rellekka
Minescape Rellekka Mine

There is also an agility shortcut leading to another mine outside of Rellekka. Rellekka also contains its construction portal and a lodestone which can be used to home teleport to the nordic city. More content will be added to Rellekka in the up coming updates.

Minescape, outside Rellekka


If you continue the path from Seer's Village to Rellekka, you will find a path leading to a Lighthouse.
In the lighthouse, you will find a NPC selling damaged god books and some tools.

Minescape Lighthouse

Abandoned mine

A few months ago, we released the Barrows minigame and its nearby towns. There was a remaining wasteland next to Burgh De Rott which has now been filled with the abandoned mine.
The abandoned mine can be accessed via an agility shortcut (level 65). The abandoned mine contains various ores such as thick coal on the bottom layer. It also contains a bank deposit at its entrance.

Minescape abandoned mine

Friends and tweaks

Etk2000 has been working on some cool friend features for this update!
Here is the list of the new features added relating the Friend system:

Server hop You can now hop to your friends' servers

Trade icon The icon no longer show if the player is not in the same instance

Construction The back-end side of things are being worked on to allow friends to build with you on your island

You can now deposit and widthdraw coins using the construction chest!

Bug fixes and performance fixes

We've fixed various bug fixes including:

Various typos,

Removed the Lumbridge safety teleport from swimming loops (You can no longer get yourself stuck in a swimming loop),

One shotting entities will now interrupt teleport spells.

We've temporarily removed the in-game minimap due to the external plugin/api not being efficient enough to our standards. We will code our own in-game minimap when the time is right. In the mean time, you can still use our /map command!

Special thanks

I would like to thank the design team for all their amazing work, especially DerpSpirit and Boobtit.
Special thanks to the builders involved in the new regions: Mats, Kev and Lcve.
Thanks to the developers for their support on this update.
And an immense thank to someguyisraging who has been spending a lot of time helping us test this update, as well as the rest of the tester team.

The end

This is the end of the patch notes. We tried to keep these patch notes short... But we also wanted to make sure you have the information required to know what clue scrolls to grind for, to get a specific item.
We expect the update to be out in a few days. In the mean time, level up your exploration level to access the new content this will update bring.We hope you are as excited as we are!

The next update will be a smaller one where we will add more content such as a new quest, extra mobs and game balance tweaks. We'll also be adding some of your suggestions, so keep on posting them. Who knows, maybe one of your suggestions will make it into the game...

Make sure to join our Discord server and to follow the official Minescape twitter account for unique spoilers about our incoming updates!