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Welcome everyone =D

Server list
GamesLabs lobby

You may remember us from " back in the days " when GamesLabs was a popular Minecraft Network. Years have passed and we tried to keep one of our most popular creations alive: Minescape.

We are finally coming back with two major games and several mini-games. We will be posting more information about these games in future dev-logs.
Our goal is to provide a unique experience for all our players.

We started working on this new network more than a year ago. We are aiming for a high-end quality network and this is the main reason why everything takes so much time. We will be soft-releasing this new network this summer. This means that we will not be releasing all our content straight-ahead. However we will be bringing consistent weekly updates which will include new game modes and mini-games.

Several players on our Discord server have been wondering about our release date. Before I get into that, let me show you a few screenshots of our incoming major games.


Minescape will be back on the GamesLabs network with a lot of enhanced features and better over-all design. I will keep the spoilers for the incoming dev-logs, but for now here's a little something, the new quest system:

Quest UI
Finishing a quest

Keep in mind that some of these textures are outdated ;)


Apocalypse is a new game that we made, inspired by Zelda Breath Of The Wild and DayZ. We will be releasing more information about it really soon!


Here's a quick look at the player's UI

Main UI


On release, we will be having an arcade mode to play our different mini-games. You will be able to vote for the next mini-game and map using candies you earn in-game.
Here is a small list of mini-games that we will be having on the new network :D


The big update

" Any ETA?! "

Now is the time for you to get excited.... Our new network will be released in ..... JULY!

So hold on for a few more weeks and prepare yourself for some epic gameplay!


This website is still in construction, we will be updating it before and after our release. For now, you can login on the website using a Google account! (You will be able to link this account to your Minecraft account on release!)

Future blog posts

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Join our Discord to talk about this incoming update!

Stay tuned for our first dev-log!