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Welcome to the Minescape Wiki

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Minescape is a Minecraft server inspired by elements of the popular online MMORPG Runescape by Jagex LTD. While Minescape is based on Old School Runescape and Runescape 3, it is not a direct substitute and features many unique elements such as new skills, boss creatures, quests and items. Minescape is a game mode available on the GamesLabs network and is free to play along with their many other game modes.

Minescape is a project that has been in development since 2012 and has seen many changes over its development. As of August 7th 2019, Minescape released to the public as a full version of the game mode moving from earlier beta builds of the game. Minescape is a staple game mode of the GamesLabs Network and will continue to receive new content, updates, bug patches and development for the foreseeable future. As development occurs, you can find updates on the GamesLabs Network. Updates are posted in the format of the current season and the next patch value from the last posted.

What Minescape offers from regular Runescape is a first-person perspective with your character, along with a more interactive experience with the world. There are currently 23 various skills in Minescape that center around gathering, crafting, combat, and exploration. players are able to join using the various version of Minecraft through version 1.9 - 1.16, however version 1.15.X is the most stable version of Minecraft to use.It is highly suggested that the player either adds Minescape as a server using (EU) or (NA) and enables resource packs or accepts the message prompt to download the resource pack upon joining the server. This is required to correctly view textures and customized assets tailored to the players Minescape experience.

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